Podcast Episode 168

In this episode, I talk about my Minecraft gaming, my business, some personal stuff, and about the podcast. Please consider supporting the podcast through either Paypal or Changetip – thank you.

I could use some prayer…

I could use some prayer today and in the days to come, as I’ve been suspended (so no more shifts, and therefore no more income) as of the end of yesterday’s shift at work. Pray that God’s divine will shall be done in this situation and that if it is His will that I will get to keep my job and the reason for suspending me will be proven false and if not, that I would find a new source of income quickly.

Happy Victoria Day

I would like to wish all of my readers a Happy Victoria Day today. May you enjoy today and the time with your family and friends as you enjoy this May long weekend. Since today marks Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday, I’d like to wish her a happy birthday as well.

I’d also like to take this time to announce that Gate 90 is now just a marketplace and auction website. Vendors can now register immediately as vendors here (if you wish to auction anything, you’ll need to register as a vendor) and I’m also trying to auction off some books and jewelry that I don’t want, starting with The Prince and The Pooch by Carolyn Leavitt. The auction starts at one Canadian dollar and runs until 2:59 PM on June 22, Edmonton time.

Podcast Episode 166

In this episode of the podcast, I apologize for releasing this episode a day late, talk about Gate 90 and the ability for vendors to apply after registering for an account, what I have planned next for Gate 90, about my Minecraft game, and some other personal news.

I’ve added a recipe plugin to Gate 90…

I’ve added a recipe plugin to Gate 90 and have added a link to the index in the menu under Activity. I still need to purchase the premium version of the plugin in the future which will allow members to submit their own recipes, rate and favorite them, and allow for custom tags and other useful features that the free version doesn’t have. I won’t be purchasing it for a bit, as I have more important plugins to purchase before it, including the Product Vendors and the WooCommerce SEO plugins. The latter plugin is an extension for the Yoast SEO plugin, which is already being used on the site to help improve search engine rankings.

Looking forward to next week

I am looking forward to next week, even though I am not going anywhere. The thought of five days off work at Superstore is good enough, even if I’ll be spending most of the time in a video conference learning about the history and basic theology behind the church I attend every Sunday that I’m not sick.

I’m also looking forward to purchasing the Product Vendors plugin next week, and hopefully soon after that, the Auctions and Name Your Price plugins. Probably after those three are purchased, I’ll start focusing on the Events Calendar plugins and the Pro version of that plugin for WordPress. Each one of those is $89 US, so they are not cheap but they will add the functionality that I seek to Gate 90.

I’m also looking at writing opinion pieces on a regular basis for that site’s news feed and am looking for journalists and religious leaders who are willing to volunteer to write articles as well. Later when the site can afford it, journalists will start earning a salary starting at three thousand Canadian dollars a month before deductions.

I’ve moved my sole non-fiction book to Gate 90…

I have moved my sole non-fiction book to Gate 90, as well as setting up a donation for the Canadian Red Cross (100% of the money goes to that charity except for the fees Paypal charges.). I’m looking forward to purchasing the Product Vendors add-on for WooCommerce in the future, as it will transform the marketplace from a simple shop into a true virtual market. After that, I can get the Variable Price add-on and the Auctions add-on, and then set up some auctions to get rid of some books and other items I have laying around here.