Podcast Episode 151


In this episode, I talk about what I’ve found out that I’m passionate about.

Fighting For My Purity Is Worth It


Fighting to keep lust out of my life is not an easy battle, but it one that is worth fighting for me. I feel it is especially worth it since I have solid reasons:

  1. God is pleased with me when I avoid sin, and lust is a sin. It keeps me apart from God, and since I want to draw closer to Him, I cannot have it in my life.
  2. I am preparing for the possibility of marriage one day. By focusing on God first, my relationships second, and myself last, I will become the man God wants of me and the type of man a woman who follows Him wants as her husband one day.
  3. It takes up precious time. Time is the one resource I cannot obtain more of – when it’s gone, it’s gone and I have no more. I have better things I can do with my time, like prayer, Bible study, and witnessing for Jesus.
  4. By keeping lust out of my life, I will wind up with a better attitude towards women in general. People have told me I’m a gentleman, but I want to become a Godly gentleman – someone who through my life, they can see my Lord.

Clearly lust in my life is something I am not willing to have, and is worth the fight to me to keep out of it. I hope my reasons are those worth thinking about if you also struggle against this sin.

Player Crunch is Now Open


I am very pleased to announce that Player Crunch is now open for registrations! Player Crunch is a family oriented community for gamers of all ages. It features an arcade with contests in the near future, videos, reviews, news, and more to come.

Player Crunch also features two leaderboards: One for the most active gamers, and one for the members with the most tokens (the site’s internal currency). Tokens will be redeemable in the future in a shop for cool products, and they will be needed to pay for contest entry fees.

All reviews posted there will be obligated to warn if a game contains any adult materials (drinking, smoking, nudity, etc.), and thus will help parents decide what games are appropriate for their children to be playing. Also no adult-content is allowed in the community, with a ban as a result if anyone breaks the rule.

If you’ve been looking for a family safe community for the gamer in you or your life, why not check out Player Crunch today?

Podcast Episode 150


In this episode, I introduce Player Crunch, a new family-orienting gaming site I am working on, and talk a bit about some other news.

I decided to remove arcade games from Believe Beloved…


I decided to remove arcade games from Believe Beloved, because they didn’t really fit in or belong with the idea I have for that site as a Christ-centered community. Discussions, communications, and Bible study tools fit, but games do not. However I do have an idea for a game magazine site where the games will be. I just need to come up with a name whose URL isn’t already registered. 😉

Podcast Episode 149


In this week’s episode, I explain why this week’s episode is so late, and I ask for ideas for next week’s episode, the 150th.

Contact info for suggestions or interview requests:
Email: madcomputerguy@gmail.com
Skype: brownsparrow

Paying off debt is good…


Paying off my credit card debt is good, but unless I find another source of income soon, it will take longer than I like. Also another source of income is necessary if I ever want to move away from Camrose, which I do want to do one day.

Some of My Longer Term Plans Have Changed


After some recent events, I had to evaluate some of my longer term plans that I have, and had to change them to fit the current situation. The biggest change is that I’m not planning to live the rest of my life on a acreage outside of Camrose, but instead look for one near Lethbridge or Calgary when I have the cash to do so. Obviously this change affects where my company will locate it’s global headquarters in a few years, and the plans for it as well.

That change came from the hard realization that I will never escape my past here in Camrose, and I need to move away if I truly want a fresh start where my past can not and will not influence my future. Calgary or Lethbridge are both far enough away, yet still in Canada and Alberta to fit the criteria I considered when deciding where I wanted to move to when I have the funds to do so.

My immediate plans have not changed, I still want to and need to pay off my credit card debt, or at least a good portion of it to reduce the interest payments. I also need to get glasses this autumn so that I can get my learner’s license and start learning how to drive again. A vehicle and a driver’s license are key components to my long-term plans, both before and after the changes I have made.

Finally I have decided to give Believe Beloved until next June to take off and be a success. If it doesn’t pass certain requirements, I will be forced to remove it as I cannot afford to run websites that do not make money for my company (my personal websites like this blog don’t count and Leet Link is my company’s official presence on the web).

Got to go finish my brunch and get in some exercise before I have to get ready and go to work today, so take care until the next time I post! 😉