Podcast Episode 116


In this episode, I talk about the new poll option for my poll on my profile at FanFiction.Net, Unlimited Fan Fiction and your opinion on it, and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Some Future Stuff and a Poll


I’ve decided to start writing fan fiction again, and to post it to the largest archive out there: FanFiction.Net. So far I’ve got three ideas for my first story since I deleted all my old ones:

  1. The rewrite of “Guardian of the Indigo Plateau” – my sequel to Talon Dragonborn’s “Debt Repaid”
  2. My rewrite of “The Aura Is With Me” featuring the pairing of Ash and Maylene, but also featuring Riley, Spencer, and Sir Aaron (just during training periods)
  3. A new story where Ash trains as an Aura Guardian after he gets the Boulder Badge instead of continuing to get the other badges, with an eventual pairing of Ash x Sabrina.

I’ve posted a poll on my profile at FanFiction.Net to find out which one my readers want me to write and complete first. The one that wins will be written first, followed by the second place one, and then the last place one will be written. I’ll be writing them one story at a time. I’ll be ending the poll by New Year’s Day, and will close voting then. I’ll leave the closed poll with the results on my profile for a few more days after that.

I like to plan for the future, so I’m trying to decide what kind of software I want to run Network Amigo when I have the cash to launch it on it’s own VPS server. My options that I’m considering so far are:

  1. WordPress (single or multi-site) with BuddyPress
  2. Oxwall
  3. Some paid solution like Boonex’s Dolphin
  4. Something completely custom coded from scratch.

I love the first two options, as I love using open source software for my sites, as the basic software is usually free to use without having to pay for a license. Plus there is always help if something goes wrong. However by then, I should be able to hire people to work for my company as web programmers, so I might consider the last option if I cannot make either of the open source softwares work first.

Time for me to go relax before I have to go to bed. I’m posting this tonight, as I want fewer things to do tomorrow before I have to go to work, so take care until I post the podcast on Friday! ;)

What’s Happening Soon


Leet Link has been running smoothly ever since I switched it to SMF from WordPress. It currently has ninety-four games in the arcade, and a way to purchase three different VIP subscriptions via Paypal. Those subscriptions grant more PM space, remove the ads, and grant access to forums. Each one grants a set period of membership to a different member group (Bronze, Silver, or Gold).

I would love to add a marketplace to it, but I think that would be a custom mod, so it’s something for the future. I could set up a store for digital products, and ask people to submit them to my company for review and addition via email, but I want it integrated more into the site. I could then set up an exclusive area (in the forums) and member group for vendors, to show who was a vendor, and who was just a customer. People could then apply to become a vendor, and I could approve or deny their application. Vendors would be able to add, modify, and delete their own products, and see how much sales they had made.

I am hoping to go back to school soon, but I can’t decide what to do at the moment. I have three options to choose from:

  1. Pay off $50 on my credit card, then order the Creative Writing course from Stratford Career Institute, paying $10 down, and then $43.38 a month for 18 months to pay it off.
  2. Pay off $800 on my credit card, then order the Creative Writing course from SCI, paying for it in one lump-sum payment.
  3. Pay off $800 to a thousand dollars on the card, then order, pay for, and study for 12-18 months on a course from the London School of Journalism.

The last option is probably the best, as it will actually help me improve my writing as a journalist and editor for Leet News Network. It means I wouldn’t start school for another 4-5 months (like the second option, when the first option would allow me to start school as early as next month), but I would get the skills I needed, as I no longer write fan fiction. Improving my command of writing English would also help me when I start my studies towards my Bachelor of Biblical Studies from Sunset International Bible Institute.

When I have some money to spare, I’m planning to buy the 270 Tweets package from Exposure4All. I am planning to create 5 tweets (each one for a different website), and at 5 tweets/day, each site will be tweeted out one a day for fifty-four days. Excellent exposure for those sites for around $55! Hopefully more exposure will mean more visitors, more registrations, and maybe even a few sales. (Since no sales were made in the last month, my company will be donating $0 to Samaritan’s Purse Canada for Operation Christmas Child. :'( )

Every fifty-six dollars in net worth I can add to my company, my shares rise by $0.01. However, if I sell premium shares to some people who are interested, that number will rise by a dollar for every hundred shares that are sold. Right now my shares total are worth about sixty-one cents, so that says how cheap each individual share is. I want to see my company’s shares rise in price a bit before that happens though.

I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do before Christmas, and not much free time this week (or likely next week before Christmas), so I’m off to go clean my floors and dishes. Take care until the next time I post! ;)

Podcast Episode 115


In this episode, I talk about my decision to no longer write fan fiction, the end of Unlimited Fan Fiction and Unlimited Fiction, and some other stuff.

Remember the Meaning of the Season


We often rush about during this month, because there is so much to do. Yet we tend to forget the true meaning of the season right now, so we should slow down and take time to remember. If it wasn’t for God sending His only Son to earth, to live among us, to die for our sins on the cross, and be raised again on the third day, we would have no reason to celebrate right now. We would still be worshipping idols, and condemned to a eternal death for our sins.

But thanks to God, He did send Jesus who took the punishment for our sins upon himself when he died on the cross. Since I accepted Him as my personal Lord and Savior earlier this year, I have an additional reason to celebrate this year. I truly know the significance behind the celebration, even if it’s at the wrong time of year. ;) (You can see my editorial at Leet News Network about this.) Jesus truly is the reason for the season, and it’s only right that we celebrate the greatest gift of all.

As long as we can remember this, we truly can have a Merry Christmas this year. ;)

I Need To Get Writing


Honestly, I have no good excuses why I haven’t finished the next chapter of “Training the Guardian” by now, except that I wasn’t home most of yesterday, but I had plenty of time before that to get it done. I know where I want the chapter to go, so writer’s block isn’t an issue for me with it. I think I need to work on my concentration, and quit being distracted from my writing.

I got a promise from a colleague that if I can get IntimateClick up to three hundred members, he would invest in my company. Since you can join that site for free, there should be no excuse for anyone for not joining. Yes, dating is the primary focus, but that doesn’t restrict people for using it for that reason alone. ;) Don’t forget that right now, if you want to get a paid membership, you can use the discount code ‘ChristmasLove’ (without quotes) to get half off the price.

I’m quite pleased with the direction my life is heading right now, though I would be more pleased if my company could make enough money to start paying me a salary. It would finally validate all the hard work I have put into it, and prove the skeptics wrong once and for all. ;) At least my consolidation loan at the credit union is almost paid off, and I’m going to do a lump sum payment either at the end of this month or the beginning of January to finish eliminating it a bit sooner. The extra cash will be nice towards paying off my credit card debt! :D

Gotta go take a shower and get ready for my 2-7 PM shift today at work, so take care! ;)

Podcast Episode 114


In this episode, I announce the first discount code at IntimateClick and the latest news about LeetSpace.com.

LeetSpace.com Is Getting A Reboot


Last night, I started the reboot of LeetSpace.com, my company’s space and flight centred site. I’ve decided to use SMF to power the site, and I’m going to buy two professional addons for the galleries and groups, however right now I’m working on fixing a problem between SimplePortal and the theme I’m using for the site (Pulse), and until that’s fixed, I’m not going to do any more work on it.

I’m disappointed that so far no one has donated to my challenge as Swagnilla Ice for ALS. At this rate, I’ll be staying nice and dry on the final Sunday of June (the 28th), because unless at least $75 is donated in total (minimum), I don’t have to take a bucket of ice water that day. But for every five hundred dollars over $250, I get an additional bucket of ice water dumped on me that day. All of the money is going to a great charity in the US, so I won’t get a tax credit from it. ;) You can donate via either Paypal or CoinPayments.net to this on the sidebar at Swagnilla Ice’s site.

I should go and finish my breakfast so I can have a shower and get ready for my 2-7 PM shift this evening, so take care! ;)


Some Things Change & Some Do Not


Things change over time, and some things do not. My blog has gone through a few changes lately, and yet it still runs WordPress. The theme may be different, and there may be fewer widgets on the sidebar (and there is just one instead of two), but it’s still my blog and personal site here. Other things can change as well.

If The Christian Network doesn’t get at least fifty members in total by the first of June, I’m going to shut it down. It’s not worth the effort and resources if it doesn’t grow and expand, and I will also save money by not going to school and getting my Bachelor of Bible Studies if that is the case, because then I won’t need that much knowledge about the Bible. If it is to become a charity, I don’t want it relying on my company for money in the long run, and this is the perfect way to test and see if it can grow on it’s own.

That’s all that I have time for today, so take care! ;).

Theme Has Been Changed


The theme here at WhiteEagle’s Aerie has been changed to Writr, a free Tumblr-like theme for WordPress. I’ve removed some things which just distracted from my posts here (like widgets from about.me, Goodreads, Amazon, etc.), so know the focus can be more on the content on my blog. There are still ads, but within posts that have at least 100 words. Also, post formats are back so you should see them here on a more regular basis.

I’ll post more tomorrow as part as my regular blog update schedule. ;)