A Reminder To Everyone


I would like to remind everyone who chooses to sign up for Believe Beloved that spamming there goes against the Community Guidelines and will result in your account being suspended without warning. So if you are just joining the site to post a link somewhere and then leave, realize that your post will be deleted and your account will be suspended the next time I login to the social network (and I visit it at least once a day).

I would like to know what you think about my company’s long term plans for it’s global headquarters. Check out this post at Leet Link’s site, and leave a comment with your replies to the questions I have posted there.

Podcast Episode 146


In this episode, I ask you all what you would like me to do for the 150th episode in 4 weeks, I talk about why I will be gaming less on my computer, and I talk about my desire to stay pure for God.

Believe Beloved Has Been Open For Six Months Now


Believe Beloved has been open for new members for about six months now, and I’m surprised by how few members the Christ-centered social network has. Including myself, there are just eight members, and I seem to be the only active member among the eight. This is very frustrating, especially considering the amount of work I’ve put into promoting the site.

I thought that more believers would be interested in a site that had less distractions for them, and would help them grow in their faith. We all know how distracting Facebook and Twitter can be, and how garbage there can show up when we least need it. Also considering the site is free to join, and cheap to remove the ads ($5 per 30 days and there are other options) (unlike Facebook or Twitter where you cannot remove the ads), you would think it would be an easy choice of which site to join.

Another thing to consider is that I am always working to improve this Christian social network, and welcome feedback from the users. Generally speaking, you cannot change much about Facebook or Twitter unless you have a large percentage of your fellow users agree with you, but I am open to discuss any concerns with anyone who asks. It is also easy to see who’s in charge at my site (with the Staff designation quite clear), and therefore easy to contact someone who can help you with an issue.

I am planning to advertise the site on Google Adwords and Twitter when I have the cash in the future, but right now word of mouth is the best way for the site to grow. Plus you can invite your friends from Google+ and Facebook (or via email) after you join. The Community Guidelines are simple to understand and follow, and like I’ve said before I am willing to discuss any issues that pop up about them or suggestions to improve them.

I have to run now, as I need to get ready and go to work this afternoon. I cannot leave Superstore until my company can afford to pay me, and that won’t happen unless Believe Beloved grows into a thriving Christ-centered social network. Take care everyone! 😉

Back to Work


I go back to work today at Superstore for a one to ten shift this evening. I am not looking forward to tomorrow’s eight to five shift, especially since it means I will be getting just six hours of sleep tonight. I know though that sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to do the right things. I do look forward to the day when I no longer have to work at Superstore and can sleep in most of the week. I do not mind getting up early on Sunday when it’s for Bible study and worship, but when I have to work, it’s not as pleasing.

I doubt I will be playing much games this week, as I am working a lot of hours this week. I will try to play some games this week, as I know that I need to use my time to the best of my abilities. Just wasting my time is not a good idea for me to do. I will try to work on my Project M world in Minecraft, and I want to try and get a successful game going in OpenTTD, among other things. I also want to improve my skill in Mario Kart 8, Wii Sports Club, and Super Mario 3D World.

I should get going now, so that I can do my daily body test and exercise before having a shower and getting ready for work this afternoon. Take care and may God bless! 😀

Podcast Episode 145


This week’s episode is just a quick update on what’s going on.

Yesterday was awesome…


Yesterday was another awesome day, both at Vacation Bible School and in general. I got to enjoy lots of exercise in the afternoon, as well as read a far amount of fanfiction. I feel I need to cut down on my reading though so that I can play my games (Minecraft and OpenTTD especially) more. I won’t get better at my Wii U games unless I play them more regularly than I do right now. 😉

Vacation Bible School Day 1 was fun…


Vacation Bible School Day One was awesome yesterday, if a bit boring in the middle. I got to help out with the play after the opening singing (I played the “one like the Son of Man” in the Fiery Furnace from Daniel.), but then had little to do while I waited for the classes to end. I liked seeing all the kids who turned out, and can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store! 😀

Podcast Episode 144


In this week’s episode, I talk about my interview with Yokas on SML Radio Show this evening, the addition of credits at Believe Beloved, and my lack of gaming this week.