I’ve Decided to Go Back to School

After working almost two and a half weeks at my new job at the casino, I’ve decided to save up my money so that I can go back to school. I want to get my Bachelor of English, Minor in Creative Writing from the University of Alberta because I’ve always loved to write, and I want to get better at what I’m passionate about and turn it into or at least make it part of my career.

School won’t be cheap, but in the end, I know the new knowledge will be worth the expenditure of the cash. Besides with my new savings account actually paying me interest for my money and not charging me fees, I can actually save something. I figure I’ll save for a couple of years unless Leet Link Inc. happens to take off, and then I can put part of my salary that job will pay me towards books, tuition, and other school fees.

Speaking of my business, I’m pleased to say that I will soon be able to merge the archive with the main site at Unlimited Fan Fiction. All I have left to do is purchase the archive plugin, install it, copy over the various classifications, and then move my stories before I can shut down the archive and delete it and it’s tables in the database. Of course before I shut it down, I’ll be sure to let all the authors and members there about the move and the need to move their stories before I do that. ;)

Got to go, as I have some stuff to do before I work at 5 (and have to leave by 4:15 PM)! Take care! ;)

Thirteen Days Left

There are just thirteen days left until I am done working at the local Real Canadian Superstore for good. I handed in my two weeks notice yesterday, as I have a full-time job now and I don’t need the hours they provide me. I will miss the 10% off my shopping there, so I’ll just have to be a more savvy shopper. ;)

I won’t miss the stress of working two jobs, or the way I look stupid when I don’t know where a product is when a customer asks me. I also will not miss some of the managers or some of my fellow colleagues, but I will miss working with a few colleagues I enjoyed working with. I also won’t miss having to use an electronic clock to track my hours and breaks – it’s quite the opposite at the casino and I love it there. From an attitude that basically says “you only get the break time we give you” to a totally relaxed attitude of “as long as you get done the work fast, we don’t care how much you relax or when you take your break”.

I also won’t miss having to get up at six in the morning to be at work for eight, or having to worry that I won’t get Sundays or Thursdays off. Knowing in a few months I’ll be eligible for benefits when I never got them fully at Superstore is another good reason for me to go. The extra time in the mornings to work on my writing and other projects is also a nice bonus of leaving Superstore. ;)

All in all, it was a very easy decision to make to hand in my two weeks notice yesterday! ;) Take care! ;)

Podcast Episode 95

In this episode, I quickly update you all on what’s going on.

Great News for Everyone

I have some great news about Chippy’s Auctions! I have purchased and configured the new responsive auction theme, and that site is open and ready for registrations! Use code “revival” (without the quotes) to save 15% before September 1st! I’ll be posting the first of the books and jewelry I have to sell there either tonight or tomorrow morning.

I have also found a fanfiction plugin for Unlimited Fan Fiction that will only cost me US$89! Since that is cheaper than the plugins Leet Link needs to become a digital marketplace, it is now the next site on my list to get completed! I’m hoping to have it done within a month or two, and the stories moved to the main site by the end of the year. Since this is so close, I won’t do any writing until the integration and moving is completed!

I’ve gotten an idea for a new song, but I don’t know if I will have it written by tomorrow. It’s a song that will talk about living on the brighter side in life. Why should you let worry and fear get you down when there is so many things in life to be thankful for?

I’m going bowling now, so I’ll see you next time. Take care! ;)