I’m considering shutting down WhiteEagle’s Aerie…

I am considering shutting down WhiteEagle’s Aerie permanently and my business websites temporarily so that I can pay off my credit card debt in two years. During that time, I would start blogging using my account at WordPress.com and would also only be saving for my retirement. The advantage would be that I would have more money after I had paid off the debt for savings, and would probably save up money then to restart my business on a more secure basis. The only way to avoid this blog (and my business websites) suffering this fate is to support it through donations via Paypal and/or Changetip (or give my business enough income) and it would have to raise $57.50 US each month to stay online.

I Have Been Thinking

I have been thinking lately of how I can best use my talents and the resources the Lord has given to me to be a steward over to further His kingdom, honor, and glory in the world I live in. So far I’ve come up with the idea that I can support missionaries and my local church, as well as charitable organizations that are good stewards of the donations they are given unless they work against the beliefs I hold dear.

When I was running my old company, I had set up a ten percent donation to LifeNews.com and I have decided to carry that forward for my new company. I will also keep my eyes open for other organizations and relief efforts that could use some financial help. I love how Loblaws Inc. donated money recently to those devasted by fire in Fort McMurray, and I feel that helping similar situations is a good thing to do.

I also believe that by supporting federally the Christian Heritage Party and provincially the Wildrose Party, I can help ensure that my voice (and those who hold similar values to mine) will be heard when our leaders make decisions that affect my country and/or my province.

Jesus wasn’t held to the cross by nails…

The Lord Jesus wasn’t held to the cross by nails, but by his love for us. Considering He said

“Greater love has no man than this: that he lay down his life for his friends.”

And that we are enemies of Christ before we accept Him as our Saviour and Lord and we become His friends, then His love for us on the cross was the greatest expression of love there ever was or ever will be.

Something to think about…

I could use some prayer…

I could use some prayer today and in the days to come, as I’ve been suspended (so no more shifts, and therefore no more income) as of the end of yesterday’s shift at work. Pray that God’s divine will shall be done in this situation and that if it is His will that I will get to keep my job and the reason for suspending me will be proven false and if not, that I would find a new source of income quickly.

Happy Victoria Day

I would like to wish all of my readers a Happy Victoria Day today. May you enjoy today and the time with your family and friends as you enjoy this May long weekend. Since today marks Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday, I’d like to wish her a happy birthday as well.

I’d also like to take this time to announce that Gate 90 is now just a marketplace and auction website. Vendors can now register immediately as vendors here (if you wish to auction anything, you’ll need to register as a vendor) and I’m also trying to auction off some books and jewelry that I don’t want, starting with The Prince and The Pooch by Carolyn Leavitt. The auction starts at one Canadian dollar and runs until 2:59 PM on June 22, Edmonton time.