Jul 21 2014

Chippy’s Auctions Soon to be Relaunched

I’m pleased to announce that Chippy’s Auctions will soon be relaunched. I have the cash to purchase the responsive version of the WordPress theme that powers the site, so I will be buying it in a few days. The first charity/non-profit organization that we will be supporting is LifeNews.com - a website that is a source of pro-life news. I truly believe in this site and would love to support it.

Don’t forget that 10% of sales also goes to The Christian Network, and work has to be done there to properly integrate sermons and the links into the theme so that it will be 100% ready for visitors – not that it isn’t, but I’d like to may it easier to navigate and view those two items on the site. After that, I’ll use the cash to pay for advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Google for the site.

I’m also pleased to say that soon you’ll be able to use your Leet Dollars, the points system at Leet Link to pay for your digital downloads in the marketplace there. You will also be able to earn them via referrals besides commenting on news posts and participating in the forums there (both visitors and signups but more for registrations than just visits). I will need to work with a developer to fully integrate referrals to the site, so that anyone can quickly find their referral ID (though it will be their user ID, I’ll explain it more at the site). You will also be able to earn them through sales if you sell digital products there if you become a merchant after I set that part of the site up. I will also be explaining this in a future news post at Leet Link.

Got to go to bed soon, as I have to be up by six tomorrow, so good night! Take care until the next time I post! ;)


My Thoughts Episode 15


Podcast Episode 94

In this episode, I talk about judgment and make an announcement. I’m also sorry for not posting on Wednesday, and explain the reason why.

Jul 14 2014

The FanFiction Writer and Religion

As a disciple of Christ and a fanfiction writer, I have an interesting dilemma to solve. How do I write my stories so that I don’t compromise what I believe, yet still make them interesting for my readers? Do I mention my beliefs, and if I choose to do so, what way is best? When and where do I cross the line into sin when I write?

I’ll start with a universe I have ideas for but no stories in progress at the moment, having deleted my last ones for being against what I believe: Percy Jackson and The Olympians. This is an interesting situation because the Greek/Roman gods are real, and the main characters are them and their children like Percy Jackson, who’s the Greek son of Poseidon, God of the Seas and King of Atlantis. Most of Percy’s relatives are either demigods or Gods, with the sole exception being his mother who’s a clear-sighted mortal, meaning she can see through the mist and see that the gods are real. Obviously I have to respect this to keep the story in line with canon most of the time, but at the same time, avoid writing stuff which is inappropriate to me like homosexual behaviour, sex outside of marriage, murder, and other similar things. I have also have to deal with war, as Percy Jackson and his friends have fought in two so far according to canon (and as far as I know, the second war is still not yet over). The only thing I don’t know how to deal with is harems. I will have to talk to my church’s evangelist and my friend Emanuel before I get a clear decision on this, though I’m pretty certain that I will likely be ruling them out in any writing I do for fan fiction.

I’ll next deal with Pokemon, as I have lots of stories in progress here in this universe. There are two ways of looking at how this universe came to be:

  1. Pokemon and humans always co-existed together in this universe.
  2. Pokemon didn’t show up until after the end of a great and devastating war.

If I use the first option, then it’s an alternate universe to what we live in right now. If I go down the second road, then it’s in our universe, but the future in which case I have to assume Christianity and other religions are likely still around and write them in accordingly. No matter what, the same rules as the Percy Jackson and The Olympians universe apply here, but if I can squeeze in a bit of religion, I will. I have plans for a bit of it to creep into one of my stories where I’ll have one of Ash’s older friends rebuke him sternly for having sex before marriage with multiple girls and not worrying about protection.

My third and final universe is Stargate, whether it be SG-1, Atlantis, or Universe – I have one story in-progress here that I adopted from another writer. This universe is pretty much our own, but with the Stargate being real technology and their being other intelligent beings out there other than humans. As two of the four main team members are from the military, I have to deal with the topic of fighting for one’s country and other such related matters besides the ones that I have to deal with in the others above. I guess my best shot here is to try and introduce religious references into the stories and to try and write it while avoiding writing about stuff which is clearly wrong.

This is how I deal with fan fiction and my beliefs in my writing. How do you deal with it? Let me know in the comments! Until the next time I post, take care! ;)


My Thoughts Episode 14


Podcast Episode 93

In this podcast, I deliver some news about when to expect music videos from Swagnilla Ice, the My Thoughts video podcast, and this podcast. I also briefly talk about my writing and my new job.

Jul 09 2014

Love My New Job

I’ve got to say I love my new job so far! Yesterday was my first shift and it was excellent. I was given a tour of the backroom, had some paperwork to fill out, and then started learning from my co-worker how to do my job. Washing dishes is pretty easy, considering there’s a dishwasher there – just gotta spray off excess gunk and scrub off any stuck on food before I load up the tray and send it through the machine. I think it will take me a few days to remember where everything goes correctly though. I also did some prep work (counting and weighing stuff into bags) before I had to wash more dishes.

I love the perks of working there as well – free meal for each shift, free pop, water and/or coffee to drink while I’m working; reduced rates when I’m travelling at Best Western Hotels (just have to inform management and they’ll set me up), free use of the gym and pool there when I’m not working if I choose to use them, and plenty more such benefits. After I work there for six months, I’ll qualify for 60% coverage for my medical and dental coverage through their plan provider, so until then, I’m planning on going with Alberta Blue Cross. I also found out when payday is, and ironically, it’s the day after I get paid at Superstore. Every other paycheck, all the employees get a portion of the tips as well which is a nice bonus as well. :D

Well I need to get ready and head off to my job this afternoon as I work another 2-10 PM shift today, so until the next time I post, take care! ;)


My Thoughts Episode 13


Podcast Episode 92

In this episode, I talk about my writing mostly.


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