I’ve got a lot of hours this week…


I’ve got a lot of hours this week at work, which is nice and it means I was able to refuse more hours today and Wednesday (if I had accepted I’d be at work at 10 am this morning). I’m not really going to accept more hours there, and I’m hunting for a new job (or maybe finally Leet Link will take off as the marketplace is now open). I just have a few things to add to the marketplace, but the necessities are working, so if you are looking for a place to sell stuff, check it out.

Podcast Episode 121


In this episode, I talk about my Minecraft gaming so far and announce the launch of Leet Link’s marketplace.

I have decided to terminate…


I have decided to terminate the following websites: LeetSpace.com, IntimateClick, Leet News Network, FoodRatings, Canuck Gamers, and ConvenientBlog.com (and thus The Moderate). I also removed the paid subscriptions from this site (leaving just the auctions and downloads). You will still be able to earn points towards free downloads though (1 point = $0.01 Canadian). Now I can concentrate on the remainder to make them great, and they should be faster to use and browse!

Am I Running Too Many Websites?


I have to wonder if the reason the majority of my sites are not taking off is the fact that I am running too many websites, and thus cannot concentrate my efforts on just one or two sites? Could I be doing a better job running say for example just my blog, Leet Link, Swagnilla Ice, The Christian Network, and my personal site? I could then automate paid memberships through Paypal (and not have to worry about any other service), not have to worry about school for journalism (to improve my writing quality for Leet News Network), be able to start school for my Bachelor of Bible Studies that much sooner, and be able to concentrate my advertising dollars on advertising fewer sites, maybe getting a better bang for my buck?

Yes, IntimateClick has over a hundred members, but they are all on the free level, and it’s the same for any other site I am running that is open for registration – no paying members. Yes, I’d lose the money I’ve invested in those sites for the domains and any paid plugins or themes, but in the end, I would be running a smoother experience. The remaining sites would likely be faster as well (as they would have more resources to share on the VPS), so it is something I need to think about.

I’d likely be saving money as well, as I would not have to invest money for improvements to FoodRatings, IntimateClick, Leet News Network, ConvenientBlog.com, Network Amigo, or LeetSpace.com. I would just have to invest in the other sites, saving a lot of money (and time as well, and that’s the most precious resource everyone has).

Let me know in the comments what you think. Am I running too many websites, and if so, which ones would you like to stay online?

I’d Rather Work Today Than On Sunday


I would rather have to work today than on Sunday, because Sunday is a day for worshipping my Saviour and Lord and fellowshipping with my fellow believers. It’s also a day of rest, and I’d happily trade in Thursday mornings for a guarantee of having the day off, but not the afternoon or evening, because I have two Bible studies that day. One with my friend and my church’s evangelist, and one with the group on Thursday evenings. I love learning more about my Lord, and really can’t listen to the recorded sermons on YouTube because I get distracted and can’t concentrate on what the speaker is saying.

I’m hoping to have a way to be able to go restricted at work by spring time, but it will only work if my company starts earning money through the sites that are functional (LeetSpace.com, IntimateClick, and ConvenientBlog.com) and ready for visitors. Okay so all of them need improvements, but that takes money, and right now my focus is paying off my debt and saving money to cover for my time off work for my birthday holiday in February (4 days off) and Vacation Bible School at church where I’ll be volunteering (one week off). I’m also planning to take time off work for camping with a group from a church in Edmonton, but have to wait to find out when I have to book off.

I’m not too worried about my finances, as next paycheck my vacation pay is on, so that will be put into my savings account to earn interest, plus I save an additional thirty-five dollars off each check in that account as well. I also planning to put sixty-five dollars from each check onto my credit card starting next check, as I no longer have a loan to pay off. This check is easier to manage, as no rent money comes out of my account until February 5th (which is another paycheck anyways).

I’m off to play more Minecraft and wash my dishes (the stack is tall and I need to clean my bowls and spoons anyways). Take care! ;)

Podcast Episode 120


In this episode, I apologize for being late, I talk about my schedule and my writing, and I also talk a bit about my Minecraft game.

Book Review: Thebes of the Hundred Gates


Thebes of the Hundred Gates by Robert Silverburg is a book that will entrap you in a story about time-travel to Ancient Egypt of the Eighteenth Dynasty. It will throw you with it’s twists and turns, and you will likely not expect the ending. Honestly I am hoping for a sequel to see if the Time Service sends anyone after their rogue agents and Edward Davis (the protagonist).

The detail in this book is amazing, from how people look to what goes on during embalming and everything in between. With the sex in the book (always alluded to, never directly shown) always occurring between non-married people, it is not a book for Christians unless you are strong in your faith. The way one of the characters talks calmly about her past like being a temple whore so casually also is something my fellow believers need to watch out for.

All in all, it’s a solid book if you want something that you can read in short sessions or one long session, being just seventy-eight pages long (in the online reader format). It is priced very fair at just $4.99 US at Smashwords.com.

The links in this review and the previous one are affiliate links. I will earn a commision if you choose to purchase when going through the links.

Book Review: The Big Book of Minecraft


The Big Book of Minecraft is a good book overall. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 for several reasons:

  1. Great section on the great players of Minecraft. Lots of details, and worth a look at.
  2. Awesome gallery of things made in Minecraft, even includes the Titanic! ;)
  3. Good listing of other building games at the back.
  4. A great listing of multi-player type games and their rules in general.
  5. The walkthrough was decent, but could use more images, especially of crafting tables showing how to make stuff instead of just say “You will need three wood and two sticks and then you will be able to make your first tool – an axe!”. I finally had to Google up the Minecraft Wiki to find out how to make the axe (among other things). If I was playing the game while looking at the walkthrough and not willing to save and exit to look up stuff like that, I’d likely die. Not very cool! :P
  6. Good listing of biomes, mobs, and environments (even though more mobs have been added since the book came out like the witch).

Overall, it’s a good book to get people interested in Minecraft, but a true player would want to check out the wiki as well before starting a game.

Podcast Episode 119


In this episode, I talk about my walk with Christ, my first Minecraft game and my username, and my progress on the next chapter of Soaring to Victory.