Podcast Episode 130


In this episode, I admit I don’t know how long the first chapter of the rewrite of Soaring to Victory is going to take me, and talk about what I have planned for today.

Gay-Straight Alliances Coming This Fall to Alberta Schools


Earlier this month, the government made it mandatory for schools to accept gay-straight alliances (GSAs) if they accept public funding. Come June 1st, all schools in Alberta will have to comply if they will want to keep their funds.

So far the Catholic school board in Edmonton has indicated it will work with the law, and not fight it in court. The Edmonton Islamic Academy has not yet indicated how it will react to the new law, but on a website of the mosque that runs the school, they denounce homosexuality as wrong (to put it mildly). What options do parents have come June first for their children’s education if they do not want them to go to a school where gay-straight alliances are allowed?

Doing a quick Google search, I was unable to find any non-taxpayer funded schools which do not have to comply with the new law, so this may not be an option for parents. However homeschooling is an option because then you are teaching your children in your own home, and as long as you register and comply with the necessary laws in place (which basically state what needs to be taught), you can teach you children your way of viewing the world including your view of homosexuality. I know that if I ever have children, this will be the route I will be taking for their education until high school graduation. ;)

Take care my faithful readers until the next time I post. ;)

Going to Build a City (or Two) in Minecraft


So I’ve decided to build a city, actually two, in Minecraft. The first is on a flat water world I’ve called Atlantis, and I’m using Prismarine brick blocks, various sandstone blocks, various acacia wood blocks, and glass blocks to build the structures. I’m using sea lanterns for light in Atlantis, and will be using stone blocks only when building certain structures (like an ancient temple, a mine, etc.). I will probably connect the buildings via bridges with sea lantern lights to prevent mobs from spawning on them at night.

The other world will be a generated extra large biomes map, and the city may be either near the ocean, underground, near a river, or something else or a combination of ideas. I’m not certain what I’m going to use to build it or the world’s name yet (though I’m leaning towards Terrania), but I’ll show screenshots of it and Atlantis as I complete structures. I may offer the maps for download here on my blog after I complete them if people will want them. ;)

My Point of View on Civil Rights


Once again it’s time for me to explain my point of view on a topic, and this time I am going to talk about my view on civil rights. (If there’s something specific you want my POV on that I haven’t written about yet, feel free to leave a suggestion in a comment or contact me via one of my social media accounts.) Personally, I feel that they are the most important rights we have, but that in some cases, the application has gone way beyond what our ancestors had in mind.

A good example is the separation of church and state. Our ancestors meant that the government should not pay for a specific religion or denomination of a religion to be the state church, but that everyone had the freedom to worship as they pleased, or to choose to not worship at all. It has been taken to take prayer out of schools, and that cities can’t sponsor a Nativity┬áscene on public property, when such things were okay to our ancestors.

That doesn’t mean to say that our civil rights should have no limits. I fully understand why limits have to be in place – a great example is someone yelling out “Fire!” in a packed theatre when there really is no fire – the panic could easily kill or seriously injure people without the threat of fire. At the same time, we need to assume that we have our rights, and protest long and loud when the government takes them away – they might pretend to give rights but they can’t give rights that weren’t there in the first place, but they sure can take away rights that were there before!

As long as people can live their lives in peace, they don’t care too much about civil rights most of the time. When they are violated, then people start thinking about them more. Although I do have one question: In order for everyone to have equal rights, do we have to put up with others forcing their lifestyle on us, even when it makes us uncomfortable? Something to think about.

My Company Is Supporting LifeNews.com


As the President and CEO of Leet Link Enterprises Inc, it is my pleasure to announce that my company is going to be supporting LifeNews.com, a pro-life news site. They spread the truth about abortion, euthanasia, and other related issues. I am pleased to announce that replacing my company’s 10% donation to The Christian Network (which is no longer going to become a Canadian charity), Leet Link Enterprises Inc. will now donate that money to LifeNews.com. If donation amounts exceed Paypal’s $10,000 limit, my company will just have to write checks! Since LifeNews.com is based in the United States, Leet Link Enterprises Inc. will receive no tax banefits currently for supporting them.

I am also pleased to announce that IntimateClick has a new Facebook page. You will be able to get news and announcements there if you like and follow the page on Facebook relating to that site in specific.

Podcast Episode 129


In this episode, I remark that today’s the first day of spring, talk a small amount about my Minecraft game and thank someone for their help, talk about rewriting Soaring to Victory, and when Bitcoin support is coming to IntimateClick and The Christian Network.

I Was Hoping to Announce Bitcoin Support Today


I was hoping to be able to announce Bitcoin payments support for IntimateClick today (and for The Christian Network down the road), but unfortunately things have not gone my way. I was planning on purchasing and installing a plugin for Bitpay (an awesome Bitcoin merchant solution BTW) for my two Oxwall powered sites, but unfortunately, I cannot afford to do so myself. I could do so via my company’s account, but as no money is being made yet, it makes little sense to add another one-time expense and reduce my company’s cash on hand at the moment.

I wanted to use CoinPayments.Net, as it supports multiple websites with their API and support many different altcoins (not just Bitcoin, but Litecoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, etc.) (and they have a Paypal pass-thru), but right now they don’t have a plugin for Oxwall. I have created a ticket at their ticket site, and I was told it would be passed onto their developers, but that they are busy right now. Maybe someone else will develop a plugin for Oxwall, but for now, the only way I can use CoinPayments.Net is via a donations button at The Christian Network. (In the mean time, I am quite willing to bump anyone to the ad-free level there for a donation of at least $5 for each month they want to be ad-free.)

Yes, I am planning on bring paid subscriptions to The Christian Network, but the only difference between a free account and an ad-free one is removal of the advertisements. I’m not planning on charging much for the upgrade either, just five dollars for 30 days ad-free, $12.50 for 90 days, or $45 for 365 days. None of these subscriptions would be recurring, but you would receive a notice 5 days before that you subscription was about to end.

Now I need to get going, so I can enjoy breakfast and my shower before I get dressed and head to work today. Take care until the next time I post. ;)

Why I Transformed The Christian Network


If you have visited The Christian Network before yesterday, you were probably shocked by the transformation of the site. The old design wasn’t working, and unless I got someone to help me on a regular basis, I doubt I could have handled a Bible-based podcast that well. The old design was more than what I could handle, so I needed to pare down the site to what I can reasonably handle.

A social network is something I can handle with ease (at least until I can afford to hire some people to help me), and it’s almost as easy to make money off of as a dating site like IntimateClick, my dating site for Christians. My best ideas tend to rotate around my beliefs and hobbies, so I decided to go with my gut, and trash the social network pages and Twitter account and remake the site. Looking like Facebook isn’t a bad idea right now, at least until I can afford to have coded a custom theme along the lines I have in mind (it’ll incorporate the current header image (not the logo) and the page background image).

I need help with a Redstone circuit I’m trying to set up for a pyramid I want to build in Creative mode in Minecraft. I’m trying to make it work to do the following:

Desired inputs and output desired
Door 1 Door 2 Trapped Chest Trap
Open Open Open Shut
Open Open Shut Shut
Shut Open Open Open
Shut Shut Open Open
Shut Shut Shut Shut
Open Shut Shut Shut
Open Shut Open Open

I know that in order to make the doors work the way I want them to, I need them in an AND logic gate, which would result in the following table of inputs and output:

Inputs and Output
Doors(AND signal) Trapped Chest Power Trap
On On Off
On Off Off
Off On On
Off Off Off

Where when the trap is off, it shouldn’t be open, and when it’s on, it should be open. Yet, for all I’ve tried in my Redstone circuit testing world, it won’t work the way I want it to. If someone could send me a diagram of how to set this up correctly, I’d be grateful beyond belief. (I am using piston doors controlled by hidden levers if that helps.) Frankly a shared server would be helpful, because then I could meet with someone in a Minecraft world that is a flat Redstone ready and they could help me get my trapped pyramid working right, as it is my next project after I was able to successfully make a house and a pool in Creative mode.