Podcast Episode 138


In this episode, I quickly update you all on my work and the progress on the Minecraft map I am working on. (I should have been able to post this episode earlier today, my apologies for not doing so.)

It’s A Daily Battle


Every day is a battle for my purity, and so far over the past few days, I’ve managed to be victorious in defeating the desires of my flesh and the temptations of the devil. I know I’ll have to fight these desires and temptations my whole life, but to live my life the way God wants me to is worth the fight. Knowing the reward is spending all of eternity with my Lord and family in the faith is more than enough to keep me motivated, no matter what the world might say and/or do.

I’ve gotten started on my new Minecraft map New Block City, and so far I’ve completed the fountain at the open center of the labyrinth, and am working on the covered maze itself, which I’m building out of bedrock. It’s going to be very dark inside, so if you decide to play my map in Survival mode, mobs will be able to spawn inside the labyrinth (and I’m thinking of adding a mob spawner or two just to increase the difficulty). I know there is a map already out there named this, but I hope you’ll be willing to at least try out my map before judging it. 😉

I may have an idea for a story, but I’m not certain if it’s worth writing yet. Add to the fact that it’s just a vague idea, not something more concrete and I am not ready to work on it yet. :( I am considering the setting to be a colony on Mars, the red planet, and the timing to be about a hundred years in the future. Beyond that, I have no ideas on where to go from these vague notions.

Tomorrow I’m planning on adding at least one new feature to Leet Link, my Christian social network which my company runs. I won’t spoil it here, but say I feel it’s a necessary feature for those who choose to not upload a avatar for their profiles there. 😉 (I am also looking for a way to add support for emotions and hashtags there at the moment, but can’t find anything useful at the moment.)

I’ve got breakfast to make, and then dishes to wash, so take care! 😉

Governments Can Try To Redefine Marriage


I was disappointed when I heard the result of the referendum in Ireland the other day. Poor old Saint Patrick, the Roman Catholic saint of Ireland, must be rolling over in his grave at how far Ireland has gone from the Word of God. Allowing civil unions for homosexuals is one thing, but redefining marriage to remove any traces of gender – something first defined by God – is completely another thing.

As a believer, I firmly believe in the Biblical definition of marriage, that is between one man and one woman. Anything other than that is immoral and wrong, and the Bible clearly teaches that throughout it’s pages. No where does the Bible alter the definition, and it was written over a span of three to four thousand years! If God and His holy word doesn’t change in that amount of time, what makes anyone think that He’s changed his mind about two thousand years after the Bible was written?

I do not believe that a person can be homosexual and a Christian, as the Bible clearly forbids such acts, and going against what the Bible says is sin. Plus the Bible also states that homosexuals will not enter the kingdom of heaven (the church), and homosexuality is one of the things Paul told the Roman church in his letter to them that God gives men and women over to when they do not listen to Him or seek Him out, even though nature proclaims Him as the Creator and God (Romans 1). The phrases “homosexual Christian”, “gay Christian”, and “lesbian Christian” are contradictory to me because of the following facts:

  1. A Christian is someone who has put God first in their life – and He has said that homosexuality is a sin.
  2. Either one is:
    1. Opening living a life of homosexual relationships and pretending to walk with God
    2. Living for God in public and in private engaging in homosexual sins

Like I stated near the top, I don’t mind allowing them to have civil unions, but redefining something God has clearly defined is not right, and something that I will not agree with. It will earn politicians my displeasure and if I have voted for them before, I won’t vote for the politician in question again. I would rather give up my vote than vote for someone who has openly voted to disobey God by redefining marriage.

Time for me to head off and get ready for my shift this afternoon, so take care and may God bless! 😉

Podcast Episode 137


In this episode, I just quickly state the news and talk about my passion for doing the right thing.

I discarded two ideas…


I decided to discard two story ideas: Avatar of Justice, because the idea behind it was more fantasy than science fiction (a watch that could do almost anything – either alien tech or way in the future) and The Two Gems because it’s idea was magical (two different gems which controlled the future of the person the wielder looked at), and magic doesn’t go with what I believe. Anyone else can write either one, but not me, I will wait for a more scientific based story before I get to writing again.

I Fell Short of God’s Standards (And I’m Not Afraid to Admit It)


I fell short of God’s standards in the area of sexual purity lately, and I’m not afraid to admit it here in public here. I have already confessed my sin to God, and have taken action to try and block for good the route I used (but it didn’t work :( so I asked for help from the people who published the article I followed).

The Lord has made it clear that thinking about any woman inappropriately is wrong, even if they are just a cartoon character, because lust and other sins begins in the heart (Matthew 5). The heart controls our words, thoughts, and actions, so if we have a pure heart, our words, thoughts, and actions will be pure in nature. I truly want to follow God with every fibre of my heart, soul, mind, body, and spirit, and so I must avoid those things and people which lead me into sin.

I have also realized that by not controlling what I do with my free time, I am also allowing sin to creep into my life when I am bored. The old saying “Idle hands are the devil’s tools” is pretty accurate, and I like to believe than an idle mind is the devil’s workshop to wreak havoc on our lives, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We truly cannot be happy unless we are doing what God has intended for us to do – live and serve Him daily, not just when we are in a building called a church – the real church is the member’s of Christ’s body – those who have totally submitted in their lives to Him.

The Bible says that Christ has been given all authority and power – if that is the case, if I am truly submissive to Him, I should want what He wants for my life, and avoid and hate the things He avoids and hates. When I gave my life to Jesus, I gave up control of where my life was going (even if it was going to end in spiritual death any way I went except for turning to God).

I will end my addiction to the desires of my flesh cold turkey – for I have died to self and now live to Christ. My desire is to follow Him, and to do what He wants for my life. I’m still trying to determine the path He wants me to take, though I want to see my company – which is based on Christian principles – to succeed. (If you are looking for a Christ-centered social network, check out Leet Link. 😉 )

I’ve got to go, as I’ve planned out the rest of this morning, so take care! 😉

Happy Victoria Day


Happy Victoria Day, and since today is the official birthday of the Queen of Canada, Happy birthday to Queen Elizabeth II. Today marks the birthday of Queen Victoria, one of the greatest monarch’s Great Britain has ever seen, and the first British Empress of India, and under whose reign Canada came to be. It is a uniquely Canadian holiday, and on this day I would like to argue about the need of the role of the monarch in Canada.

Some would say the most important reason to keep the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom as Canada’s monarch is because treaties with Aboriginal Peoples are guaranteed by the Monarch, while others would say it’s a historical link to when Britain was an empire before the Commonwealth of Nations was founded.

I would like to argue that South Africa is still a member of the Commonwealth, yet has a President as their head of state, so Canada could change our Head of State to another ruler or a President and we would still be able to be a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Having someone who is Canadian-born or at least lives more of the time in Canada (instead of just visiting every once in a while for a week or so) would be better to ensure that the treaties were being upheld for Aboriginals as well.

Many people in Canada and elsewhere are unaware that we share a Head of State with the United Kingdom (and other nations like Australia and New Zealand), so having one who lives more of the time in Canada and who could therefore meet more of the population in person would help ensure people at least in Canada knew who our Head of State is. They would also be able to more quickly make decisions related to Canada and the powers the Head of State has (Did you know your passport is granted by the Queen and could be revoked by her?).

I believe it is time to have a debate on the future of the Monarch of the United Kingdom continuing as Canada’s Head of State and Monarch, and if it is time for change, who to replace her with and what the title of the office should be.

Podcast Episode 136


In this week’s episode, I talk about sin – what it is, the consequences of it, and how we can deal with it in our lives.

Leet Link Is Now a Social Network (And That Is Not a Bad Thing)


Leet Link is now a Christ-centered social network, and that is a very good thing. It means no adult content ever (and if anyone posts the stuff, their account is instantly suspended, no second chances) and as such, is safe for younger members (minimum age is 13, like Facebook). There is also a daily Bible passage at the top of the site which changes automatically each day (it’s powered by Bible Gateway), and crowdfunding (where Christians can support Christian businesses under attack or new businesses trying to get off the ground).

Right now the only way to donate to crowdfunding is via Bitpay and Bitcoin, but I’m hoping to be able to purchase the Paypal plugin tomorrow and have it integrated into the site shortly. The rules for crowdfunding (and the whole site) are really simple and can be found on the Community Guidelines page at the site, basically anything that isn’t acceptable to a disciple of Jesus is banned and will result in the project being deleted and the creator’s account suspended. Right now there are four categories to choose from if you want to start a new project, but you can suggest more from the Contact Us page there.

I’ve set up four things to crowdfund there which I believe are useful to help my company (and thus the site) take off:

  • My salary for 1 year (so that I can focus a lot more on the site, instead of having to work to pay my bills, rent and buy groceries)
  • Hosting for 1 year (so that I don’t have to pay for it out of my own pocket)
  • Plugins (each it’s own project) for CoinPayment.Net and Payza (to integrate those payment solutions into the site)

I hope that I’ll be able to integrate Paypal shortly, as these projects expire at the end of September (the end of my company’s 3rd quarter financially) and I’d really like to see them get funded. That’s one hundred forty days, so it’s a fair amount of time, but not that much.

If you want to check it out (and hopefully join), just visit http://leetlink.com/ to take a look. 😉 Until I see you there or the next time I post here, take care. 😉

One Week Until A Year With The Lord


It’s just amazes me to think that in a week’s time, I’ll have been walking with the Lord for an entire year. I have to thank my church for all the support they’ve given me and for the prayers they’ve said on my behalf. Without my church family, I know I would have slid back into my old life and stayed in it. I know I still have a lot to work on, most notably my language (I still use foul language when I lose my temper or when am surprised.) and attitude toward work (I’m still a tad bit lazy, though I am working hard to overcome that and use my time wisely.).

I have managed to get my finances under control, and I am making sure that I always leave here early enough so that I arrive to work on time. Recently with a Christian brother’s help, I’ve installed a filter on my computer to help me get rid of a severe problem I’ve been struggling with, and he’s coming over later this morning to help me add a site that has somehow slipped the adult filter (considering the front page has a rule about porn, it’s a little stunning, but no filter is perfect).

I love listening to my Christian music, and reading my Bible online every morning. I usually read two chapters, but I may slow down to one a day when I reach Romans so that I can understand what I am reading. I know that if I have any questions, I can ask my minister them and he will help answer them.

I will get back to playing Minecraft this evening, and am considering starting a Survival world. However, I may wait until I get a better computer and FRAPS first, so that I can record my sessions for posting to YouTube (as Swagnilla Ice). I’ve seen a few there and like the idea.

Time for me to go have some exercise and then watch some Holmes on Homes (or whatever Holmes tv show is on at 10 am) until my brother in Christ arrives. Take care until the next time I post. 😉