Podcast Episode 133


In this episode, I talk about the Minecraft map I am working on, my plans for my schooling, my personal finances, and reveal some new stuff.

I Know Who I’m Voting For


On May fifth, I know for which party I will be voting for in Alberta’s provincial election this year. I’m very pleased to see the polls stating that this election is a three-way race, and hopefully at the end of it, Alberta will have a new party in government, and a new premier. Whether that person will be a man or woman is yet to be decided, though the odds are in favor of a man with both the PCs and Wildrose having a man leading their parties, while the NDP have a woman (I have nothing against women in politics BTW.).Unless I see some compelling evidence that can change my mind before the election day, I will likely be voting for the party I have chosen this far in the campaign.

I am hoping I understand how Thutmose’s Elevators mod works, and how to build one, as I am installing one in the church I am building right now. It will be running from the basement to the second floor, with a stop at the main floor as well. I also have ideas to incorporate some truly hidden rooms from a YouTube video which showed me an idea of how to do so. When I make the map downloadable here, you’ll have to hunt down and find them if you can. đŸ˜‰ It will also be the map of choice when I rent a multiplayer server for my company from MCPro Hosting.

I won’t be doing any writing, fan fiction or otherwise until I complete the Creative Writing course from Stratford Career Institute that I am planning to start this fall. My writing may be okay right now, but there are some areas that I want to work on and improve before I start writing again. I also have an idea for another story (Pokemon fan fiction of course), but it will have to wait until I complete my other ideas first.

I have a couple of plugins that I want to purchase and install to IntimateClick before I can purchase a service that will submit the site to a lot of search engines and directories one a month for a year, as well as offer advice to improve the SEO of the site. As IntimateClick can accept payments for credits and paid memberships already, I want to promote it first. Then will come Network Amigo when it’s ready for it’s promotion. I have a lot of plugins in mind for that site, including a couple that have to be custom coded.

That’s all I’ve got for now, so until next time, take care! đŸ˜‰

I’m working on Terrania…


I’m working on Terrania (my Minecraft map), and when I’m done, you will be able to use it on Minecraft 1.7.10 with Mr. Crayfish’s Furniture Mod and Thut’s Mods installed via Forge. I have tried installing more mods (MalisDoors being one of them), but they kept crashing my game, so I am sticking to these two. When I am done, I will make the map available to download here. It will also be the map of choice for my future server I will rent from MCPro Hosting.

Podcast Episode 132


In this episode, I talk about my five year plan (and what I plan to do if I ever win the lottery), what I’m up to in Minecraft including what mods I’m using lately, I mention GSAs and the 2015 Alberta Election, and the separation of church and state.

My Five Year Plan for My Life


I’ve got a five year plan for my life. I think that they are a great idea, as it allows you to plan the next few years of your life, and where you want to go and what you want to do with it. My five year plan by the end will have me fully independent and living in a place that I own. Here’s the outline of it:

  1. This year: Driver’s license in June/July (~$100) and then Creative Writing course from Stratford Career Institute – $695 (via check or credit card)
  2. Next spring and start of year 2 – New bike: $550
  3. Spring 2017 (year 3): My own car: $21,000
  4. Spring 2020 (end of year 5): My own acreage: Down payment of $250,000 minimum, ideally full payment so I can build my dream home.

Obviously the car and my own acreage depend on my company taking off. I also may want to do an accounting course from Stratford after I complete the Creative Writing course, and it will set me back $895.

I also have a plan to deal with my intense dislike of Bill 10 here in Alberta, For those of you who do not know what I am referring to, it is the bill (law as of June 1st) which forces schools that accept public cash to allow gay-straight alliance clubs to form and meet on school property, even if the school is a religious one (ie. Catholic). I am planning on founding a privately funded Christian academy that will be 100% privately funded (70-80% by my company (100% for a few scholarships), 20-30% by the families who want to send their children to the school), and thus will be exempt from having to comply with said law and other laws which have an exemption for privately funded schools. This will allow the school to teach children about God and the Bible without outside influences which want to tell the children otherwise. If I ever have children in the future, I want them to be influenced by the teaching of the word of God as much as I can, not just on Sunday mornings.

IntimateClick Now Supports Bitcoin for Payments


I am very pleased to announce that via BitPay the users at IntimateClick can now purchase account upgrades and/or credits with Bitcoin! This is important news because Paypal is not available in every country of the world, and Bitcoins are.

Also we have plans to improve the site in the near future, so watch out for them! If you are a member and have not liked the site’s Facebook page, do so if you are a user of that social network. We will post news updates to that page that are relevant to the dating site there.

My Company is Supporting Open Source Software


I’m proud to announce that Leet Link Enterprises Inc. will be donating five percent (5%) of all it’s sales in the future to the Oxwall Foundation, which is behind Oxwall, an open source social networking script. This script powers both IntimateClick, our Christian dating site, and Network Amigo, our social networking site. It will help the innovation going, and support the growth and development of this awesome piece of software.

Determined to live my life for my Lord


I am determined to live my life for my Lord, and thus live it the way He would want me to. I have removed those things which have tripped me up, and I am determined to avoid them in the future. This past weekend was powerful, and helped me learn a lot from the wisdom in Psalms and Proverbs in the Bible. I am determined to put what I learned to work in my life, and to work in my business and relationships as well.

Happy Easter


I would like to wish all of my readers a Happy Easter. May you enjoy this special day with your loved ones and friends in peace and harmony. Remember that without the resurrection, we have no hope of eternal life, and our faith is put in something false.

I (and many others like me) don’t just celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus this weekend, but every week on Sunday when we partake in the Lord’s Supper during our worship service. We must never forget the heavy and cruel price He paid to save us from our sins, which have killed all men spiritually, except those who have believed and have received new life spiritually. We do not need to fear the grave anymore, because when our physically bodies die, we are with the Lord for eternity. One day when Christ returns to judge this world, we who are alive still will be caught up in the clouds with Him and those who have gone on ahead of us.