Friday’s Decision Will Change Nothing…


Friday’s decision by the Supreme Court in the United States will change nothing for the true church of Christ. Sin will always be sin for those who listen to and obey the words of God. We will still love them as disciples of Jesus yes, but we will be sorrowful over their continued disobedience to God. I only hope that His children will remain faithful to Him in the times of persecution that will certainly follow this decision.

Marriage was set up by God in the beginning by those who listen to and obey the words of God in the Bible. No court of man can change that for us, and as God does not change, neither can our faith in what He has decreed be altered. Those churches that do so are not true churches of Christ’s, and should be left for a church that sticks to the truth of God’s word.

All sin causes us to fall short of God’s standard for us, and according to Romans 3:23, every one of us has fallen short of that standard. Romans 6:23 states the punishment for falling short – death! Yes, we may not die physically immediately, but those who haven’t accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour are dead spiritually!

We can become alive again in our spirits by admitting this, accepting Christ as our Lord and Saviour and confessing this before being baptised for the forgiveness of your sins and the start of a new spiritual life with Christ. This new life isn’t easy or for the faint of heart; it requires sacrifice, discipline, the willingness to deny yourself, and the willing desire to want to do what God wants for you, and not what you just want to do.

When sin is your master, you are a slave to it! In Jesus you have freedom, but we must always remember that we were bought with the most precious price – the blood of Jesus, and submit ourselves to His will and work.

Are you in the clutches of sin and want to be free? Do you want to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour? Please feel free to contact me or visit a local Church of Christ – we’re more than willing to share with you the truth and God’s love for you! 😀

Podcast Episode 142


In this episode, I talk about the end of Swagnilla Ice and why I chose to do so, why I haven’t done more on my Herod’s Temple build in Minecraft, and some other things.

Swagnilla Ice is No More


First off, I’d like to announce that I have officially decided to quit being Swagnilla Ice if you haven’t yet seen my status on Facebook. I have deleted the website, the YouTube channel, the Twitter account, and the Google+ page, and I have also set the Facebook page for deletion. People weren’t happy that I was posting Bible verses daily and doing the songs I prefered (which honor my Lord Jesus), so I took that step so that I could stay true to my Lord.

So far in Minecraft in the Project M world that I have done I have built the following:

Start of Herod's Temple, this is just the Temple itself.

Start of Herod’s Temple, this is just the Temple itself.

Meeting hall/auditiorium

Meeting hall/auditiorium

I’m seriously considering waiting to continue working on the Temple itself until my company owns a Minecraft server and I have a better computer for Minecraft. Since this is a vanilla map, it should work with the Pixelmon mod. If not, we can start from scratch! 😉

My doctor’s appointment on Monday went pretty smoothly, and I got the green light to get glasses and then go for my learner’s license. Glasses aren’t cheap, and will take me about 5-6 months to save up for them at least. I will need them before I can go for my license, so I am going to book an appointment with an eye doctor today at a clinic my parents and brother recommended to me. I’m also going to book a doctor’s appointment with my regular doctor so that I can get my iron levels checked, as I am a regular blood donor. I may end up having to take iron supplements, but I will do what I need to do so that I can keep on giving the gift of life. 😉

I’ve got to get going, so take care until the next time I post! 😉

Podcast Episode 141


In this episode, I talk about my new Wii Fit U bundle I received on Tuesday from, I talk about starting a massive project in Minecraft which is creating Herod’s Temple in Creative Mode, and I mention how you can support this podcast and site if you wish.

I Need a Better Computer For Gaming


I need a better computer for gaming than the one I am using right now. It’s very sluggish running the latest version of Minecraft (1.8.7), and crashed twice on 1.8 with Forge and the Pixelmon mod added. (I suspect it’s do to no video card installed on this rig, but running off the mobo’s graphics – doesn’t support 3.0 which the mod and likely 1.8.7 need to run at all.) That’s no good for me as I love playing Minecraft with that mod and was hoping to see what the latest version had to offer. A better PC will also allow me to use Fancy graphics setting for Minecraft instead of the Fast setting. 😉 It would also let me use FRAPS to record my gameplay so I could create a series for YouTube like I’ve seen other gamers do.

A better computer will also let me play full 4096 x 4096 pixel maps in OpenTTD. Right now, my computer seems to be fine with 2048 by 2048 pixel maps (with the ECS addon), so I’ll stick to it for now. I have to admit, I love to ECS addons, despite the complexity it adds to the game. It really lets the game mimic real life economics and trade even more.

Yesterday, I received my Wii U Fit bundle from and got it set up. Now I am using the Fit Meter to track my steps, and am going to exercise daily (though the pushups and related exercises for my arms aren’t easy or my cup of tea IMHO). I’m also enjoying playing Wii Sports Club and Mario Kart 8 where I have purchased all the addons from the shop for both games to make them complete (except for the amiibos for MK8), and have unlocked some of the parts to customize my vehicles with. If you want to race against me, or play a sport against me, my Nintendo Network username is whitedove30. I’m always looking for friends to play with on the Wii U! 😉

I’m looking forward to tomorrow…


I’m looking forward to tomorrow as I’m expecting my new Nintendo Wii Fit combo (game, balance board, and Fit Meter) will arrive from Then I’ll be able to use my new Wii U (btw, I’m whitedove30 on the Nintendo Network) to stay in shape, and have even more fun! I’m off to finish my breakfast and Bible study so that I can go play some more Mario Kart 8 before I have to leave for work today! 😀

Podcast Episode 140


In this episode, I talk about MInecraft, OpenTTD, and living a life for God to honor and praise Him.

Just a quick update…


Just a quick update here: I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday like I normally do, but it completely slipped my mind. Plus I discovered that OpenTTD was updated to 1.5.1 and that smaller maps will load in decent time on this computer, so I started a game of it. I think I’ll also be trying a flatmap Survival game in Minecraft this afternoon (or at least start one). If I stay underground, I should avoid fighting most of the time. Time for me to go make a music video… 😉

No more Pixelmon…


No more Pixelmon (or making such maps) for me, as Forge failed to install properly, so I have to play vanilla Minecraft only. 😛 Means I have to fight mobs like skeletons with bows, zombies, witches, etc. in Survival… Not my favorite way to play Minecraft – I’d rather have Pokemon battles!