My Point of View on Politics


This week I’m going to talk about my personal point of view on politics, specifically Canadian politics. Overall I would say I’m pretty conservative, and generally support the Conservative party, even though it’s starting to get a little too progressive for my tastes.

Federally I’m pretty happy with the Conservative party. I can understand why they haven’t reversed the Liberals decision to allow gay marriage, when I prefer to keep marriage to heterosexual unions, and allow gays and lesbians civil unions instead. I can also understand why they don’t touch abortion – both are topics where I disagree with the status quo, but for both, I’m in the minority these days. Most Canadians prefer to allow homosexuals to get married and allow the murder of the unborn in the womb if the mother wants to abort the pregnancy. Other than these two issues, they are doing a great job at keeping Canadians safe at home and abroad. I totally approve of the idea of sending warplanes to bomb the Islamic State, and wish ground troops would be sent as well. I also approve of the strong stance that Harper has taken on Russia’s aggression towards the country of Ukraine, and how we’ve sent troops, planes, and ships to help our NATO allies in the region beef up security.

Provincially, I believe that the Progressive Conservatives have a big job ahead of them with the price of oil hovering around the fifty dollar a barrel mark, and some tough fights in the near future as they work to fix Alberta’s financial woes as a result of the drop in oil prices. I have to agree with the premier that Alberta needs to get off of dependence on oil royalties for a large chunk of our budget, and will wait and see how the provincial government goes about fixing the mess they got themselves into. With the mass defection from the Wildrose to them last month, there really isn’t a good opposition party to turn to right now. I would not be surprised at all if the PC’s won the next provincial election, whether it takes place this spring or next.

Personally, I’m a solid conservative. I’m willing to support the federal Conservatives financially, because they are the best option right now for Canada, but I’m holding off provincially until I either determine the PC’s are not too progressive, or a real conservative opposition emerges again.

Take care everyone until the next time! ;)

Podcast Episode 126


In this week’s episode, I talk about 40 Days For Life,, TheRebel.Media’s crowdfunding campaign, ISIS and what I think needs to be done about terrorists, my Minecraft gaming, and the results of this year’s tax return and my plans for the near future.

Sometimes Sleep Is The Best Option


Sometimes when it’s late at night and there is nothing to do that is productive or good, sleep is the best option. It was the choice I made last night at 9:40 PM because there was nothing I wanted to watch on TV, I didn’t want to play any video games, and I knew where my mind would wander (no where good spiritually when I’m tired) if I came to my computer.

Because I hit the hay so early last night, I was able to get up early today. It’s why this post is coming to you all so bright and early. Yeah, with me not working until 2 PM, I could have slept in, but my body was rested by six this morning, so I got up and had my Bible studies and breakfast. I’ve also read some of the latest chapters of fanfiction, freeing up my time. After I’m done completing this post, I’m going to go take my shower and because I’m up so early, I can take my time today instead of rushing it.

In other news, I have filed my taxes for 2014 already, and am expecting a tax refund of almost a thousand bucks. According to the Canadian Revenue Agency’s website, I should see my return dealt with in about four weeks, so I think I’ll be relaunching IntimateClick by the beginning of April or the end of March. With the extra cash, I’ll be able to add a few more features I thought I would have to wait for, or maybe I’ll donate some of the cash to charity or buy an addon for The Christian Network that the site needs, like the Community Events addon for The Events Calendar there. :)

I’m also thinking about launching that site (IntimateClick) on it’s own VPS, as I could afford one myself for two months with the leftover funds. It would make the site more speedy, which would be good, and with the right advertising on Facebook and/or Twitter, it would logically be able to pay for it after that with enough traffic.

With all this time I have this morning, I could see what’s on TV, but I should really work on completing the third chapter of Soaring to Victory. I have not worked on it at all this last month, and I have no good reasons why I have not, especially with recently having five days where I did not work at Superstore. That was my lazy side coming out, and I need to work on no longer being lazy. That was my old self, before I accepted Christ into my life. As a Christian, I need to use every resource God has given me to best that I can, and that includes my time, so being lazy has to go!

I am at the point in that chapter where I have Ash registering for a certain annual tournament at a certain palace from one of the Pokemon movies. That’s the only clue I’ll give you guys to which tournament he’s going to be participating in over the next two or three chapters. Other writers have tended to minimize the smaller tournaments into a single chapter, but I feel that doesn’t do the battles justice. Those battles are just as important as the League Conference ones in each region, even if the stakes are not as high. ;) I might have to create some OCs (even if it’s just names and Pokemon), but the end will be a higher quality of writing for my work, and more satisfaction for my readers I believe.

I should finish my tea and orange juice and go for that shower, so take care until the next time I post! ;)

It’s Not Always Good to Go Cheap


It’s not always good to go cheap, especially when you are considering different ways of doing something. You need to compare each of the different ways, weighing the pros and cons of each one and not just the price. Figuring out the best one can save you a lot of headaches along the way. If I had taken the time to do the research, I might be making money for my company today instead of waiting and saving my money to buy the script I want to run IntimateClick.

Being impatient in the past and not trusting others has often cost me in the past, and I’m trying to learn to be patient and to trust those who have earned it to prevent it from costing me in the future. Going the cheap route the first time for IntimateClick was the wrong way to go, as it meant I didn’t get the site I really wanted, and would have had to pay more in the future to custom code features I wanted to add to the site. I’m not saying I won’t have to pay with the new script I’m getting for that site, but from what I see, most features are already developed, or plugins (both free and paid) for the software the script is based upon.

I can understand the desire to find the best deal when going grocery shopping, but unless you have a calculator (or are really good at math in your head) with you, you can make mistakes. It’s why I always take my smartphone with me when I go shopping, because it has one built in. I used to also keep my grocery list on it, but I’ve gone back to the old paper and pencil route after seeing my smartphone not work for a period of time. ;)

I should get going now, as I have to finish my breakfast and have a shower before I have to leave at one o’clock for my shift today, because it takes me about thirty minutes to walk to or from work. Take care until the next time I post! ;)

My Point of View on Life


My point of view on life is based upon one simple fact: You only have one life to live, and once you die, that’s all the time you had. There is no more opportunities to change how people will remember you, and so you need to make the most of the time when you are alive.

Life to me is the most precious gift anyone has from God, and no one has the right to take it away. It’s why I believe abortion and assisted suicide are wrong, and that capital punishment should be the punishment for those who deliberately commit murder. I also believe suicide is the coward’s way out of a situation he or she is not willing to face head on.

I believe the Supreme Court was completely wrong to lift the ban on assisted suicide in this country of ours, just like it was wrong to lift the ban on abortion. I believe our Prime Minister is not acting like a true leader by not introducing legislation to protect life from these evils, and I call on the Right Honorable Stephen Harper to do so, if he wants to continue to call himself a Christian.

The only stance on the true Christian is to defend life and to fight to preserve it from evils like abortion and assisted suicide. To work for such evils is go against the words of the Bible and against the loving God who wants to give us all eternal life if we accept the free gift of salvation through His son, Jesus Christ.

I’ll end this post by saying my point of view on life is quite clear – I’ll fight to protect and preserve it, because I have accepted God’s gift of eternal life.

Podcast Episode 125


In this week’s episode, I review this week’s news and explain my actions at Leet Link and on Facebook.

The Sun May Have Set But Ezra Levant Has An Answer


Sun News Network may have gone off the air, but I’m not worried. I don’t watch that much TV, but I do watch a fair amount of YouTube videos, including those from the now off the air SNN. I also enjoyed reading Ezra’s opinion pieces in the Edmonton Sun, and occasionally watched his show “The Source” and Brian Lilly’s show “Byline with Brian Lilly”. It pleased me to see that Ezra came up with a solution that bypasses the cable companies, the CRTC, and the CBSC (and none of them can now influence his work): TheRebel.Media. Here’s a couple of videos so far from Rebel Media’s new YouTube channel by Ezra that explain what happened to the Sun News Network and his plans.

I’m planning on supporting him, both by watching his videos on this new YouTube channel, and if he offers a way to pay a subscription, I’ll sign up for that as well – no questions here!

Join the movement to keep a voice for conservative people alive today!

WhiteEagle’s Aerie on Facebook is shutting down…


I am shutting down WhiteEagle’s Aerie on Facebook because it never got the fans I know my blog deserves. Over 8,000 subscribers via email (not doubt many bots), and just 9 likes made it an easy choice. I will still be sharing to Facebook, but my personal timeline instead – if you aren’t my friend on Facebook, you can still follow my public posts (like my blog posts) there. Also on Saturday, I’m launching a new series of posts here, so watch out for it!