My Favorite WordPress Plugins


I have some plugins for WordPress that when I go to create a new site, I tend to install them because I have found them useful and they are mostly free. I will now tell you about them here.

WP-Spamshield Antispam is the very first one I usually install. It’s completely free (though the authors accept donations) and it works against every type of spam out there – including registration spam – and there are no captchas (or other such problems) to worry your visitors! It has kept me spam-free for quite a long time!

No Page Comments is another plugin that is almost always installed by me. It stops comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks on the pages (and custom post types) of your website, so if your pages are for displaying member profiles and other info in a community website, this stops the comments from even being entered!

I always install Jetpack (by to track how well my sites are doing, besides all of the other useful things it can do. It adds a mobile theme easily to my sites, adds useful widgets and can control who sees them and when they see them, and has sharing built-in, saving me from adding a sharing plugin.

If I am creating a membership site of any kind, I always install Ultimate Member these days. It’s more flexible than BuddyPress (not every membership site needs a social wall), and integrates (if you buy the add-on plugins or extension pack) with WooCommerce and bbPress smoothly.

WooCommerce is my e-commerce plugin of choice, because like I said before, it integrates with Ultimate Member (via a plugin) and also with myCRED (also via a plugin). It also has all the payment gateways I could want (even if I have to pay for some of them via paid plugins), and is relatively easy to setup. It also integrates perfectly with my theme of choice, Headway.

Code Snippets is my recommendation if you need to add some code to add a function to your website, but don’t want to risk losing your changes via an upgrade. It also makes disabling them a breeze if you screw up, or don’t need the code working on your site anymore.

Finally, myCRED is my credits plugin of choice for WordPress. It works seemlessly with any theme, and is the perfect choice for rewarding members of any site. It integrates with lots of plugins (some via paid plugins) and the author provides support via the forums on the plugin’s website.

I went and added rewards to my company’s fundraiser…


I went and added rewards to my company’s fundraiser for those who are reluctant to donate to a corporation. Now you can consider it a purchase of a service, because depending on how much you give, you receive a free premium membership (of a length depending on how much you gave Leet Link) to one of the three sites that you choose. Still don’t want to donate? Register at the site of your choice and buy a premium membership to help Leet Link instead, or at least spread the word about my company!

I just finished looking over the latest union…


I just finished looking over the latest union newsletter, and I am not impressed at all by my union. It more resembles a pro-NDP/anti-Conservative mailout than a newsletter with just one article of news, and four opinion pieces (and two pro-NDP ads) – not what I would hope to see with the money the union gets from my fellow colleagues and I! Help me escape – donate to my company’s fundraiser! 😉

Podcast Episode 156


In this episode of the podcast, I talk about my writing and what I have planned to work on since no one voted in the poll, and ask for help for my company’s fundraiser.

Link to fundraiser:

Don’t Forget to Vote


If you are interested in fanfiction and want to see one of the three stories I have in the poll be written first, don’t forget to vote in the poll here before midnight tonight. Tomorrow I will be starting a new poll on something else, and the results of the poll as of midnight tonight will determine which story I write first (if there are any votes), and if there are no votes still by the end of today, I will decide which story I will be writing first.

If you are a Canadian citizen and eligible to vote in the federal election on October 19th, I strongly urge you to do so. With the race being so close in the polls, every vote will count towards ensuring the candidate you want representing you and your constituency in Parliament will be elected, as well as the party you wish to see govern this nation. I am planning to vote myself, and I hope you do as well. It doesn’t matter to me who you vote for, as long as you take the few minutes out of your day to cast a ballot. Not casting a ballot says you don’t care who represents you on Parliament Hill and you don’t care which party will govern the country.

Finally, I ask you to consider helping out my company with it’s fundraiser. You do not have to register at Believe Beloved to donate, and there are multiple ways to pay. The money raised will ensure that the company can pay the hosting fees (and not me as I am doing so at the moment) and other costs of running a business, as well as completing Believe Beloved, Player Crunch, and Unlimited Fiction into the awesome sites that they have the potential to become. If you are a writer, a gamer, and/or a believer in Jesus, this is the opportunity to help fund a site that is related to at least one of your interests and the company behind it. 😉

I’ve got to get ready for work soon, so I’ll see you next time I post here! Don’t forget to vote! 😉

Sixty-One Hours of Blessed Freedom So Far


So far in my fight to keep away from PMO, I’ve managed a streak of sixty-one hours of blessed freedom from it’s influence in my life. This is important in my desire to be a true disciple of Jesus, and to live my life the way He would want me to live it. So far the following things have helped me in my struggle:

  • Being with friends and/or family members – being around them means I can’t look at stuff I shouldn’t be, or it’s too uncomfortable and risky to do so
  • Staying away from my computer unless I need to absolutely do something on it – This one is the big one, but I also need to stay away from my Nexus 7 tablet – I almost lost the battle with it, but was able to resist the temptation this time.
  • Being outside – soon this won’t be a good option (I don’t like the cold that much!) so I need to take advantage when I can.
  • Playing games and watching TV/movies more – keeps me away from the computer and avoids me becoming bored – a major factor for when I went to look at pornography.

These things and studying my Bible more have been a big reason why I’ve reached this important milestone (2 1/2 days), but I want to reach at least a week (and keep on going) this time around. I really want to do the right things for my walk with the Lord, and will fight hard.

I’m off to do my dishes now before I need to get ready for work this afternoon, so take care until the next time I post! 😉

Podcast Episode 155


On this week’s episode, I interview Andrew Beck, using the questions two of my listeners suggested. Thanks to those who submitted questions for this week’s interview.