I may not be releasing a new podcast episode…

I may not be releasing a new podcast episode this week (and I won’t be for a while until I decide what is the best route to take doing it), but it doesn’t mean nothing took place this past week. Last night I launched IntimateClick, my company’s revived dating site. It’s completely free to join and try out as long as you want, but to access all of the features, you need to purchase a membership. They do not automatically renew, and can be purchased through the shop if you don’t wish to use a check to pay.

My Project Is Running Smooth

As of writing this post, my newest project for my company is running smooth. I am convinced that I will be able to launch it fully before December 1st, which is my deadline. I won’t get much more work done on it today, because I have to work 11 am to 3 pm today and will then be visiting with my parents at their place. However tomorrow is a day off work, so I can probably get most of it (if not all) done tomorrow after I get home from grocery shopping in the morning.

As a result of that, I have decided to delay switching Believe Beloved until I have launched the other site and it is running smoothly. This will likely mean that Believe Beloved’s theme will not change until the new year, as it will likely get busier (and I’ll likely get more hours at Superstore) as the final holidays of the year get closer.

Until the next time I post, take care. πŸ˜‰

Things Are Going to Change

Things are going to change around here and with my business, hopefully for the better. I’m hoping to do some big things, but it all depends on a few things going my way for a change.

Believe Beloved is getting a theme change on Wednesday if my developer can’t figure out why the Post Update button keeps disappearing at that site. I really feel that the new look with the BuddyBoss theme will do wonders for the site, especially since I will be backing up the data (so no accounts, posts, or sermons will be lost) before installing the site from scratch.

Wednesday is also big because that is the day I am hoping to either have the bugs solved on my latest project for Leet Link, or decide it’s time to go a different route. I am aiming to have this latest project up and running by December 1st so that I can have an ad campaign on Twitter running for it before Christmas as the campaign is tied to that holiday currently.

If you didn’t see my tweets Saturday evening, then you need to know that I am suspending my podcast here until further notice. I really do not like the current format of it, or the shortness of most of the episodes. Sound quality might be great, but without great content for the podcast, it’s really not worth listening to. When I bring it back, I may just release episodes once or twice a month. Better to have one or two episodes that are long and full of content, than four or five a month that are short and filled with crap not worth listening to. πŸ˜‰

I’ll see you all on Wednesday when I tell you more about the changes that are taking place that day and hopefully I will have a screenshot or two to share. πŸ˜‰

Podcast Episode 163

In this episode, I request your support for my Movember campaign as well as for Spiritual Minds Radio, and let you all know what’s going on lately at Believe Beloved.

Might Switch Believe Beloved’s Theme to BuddyBoss

I took a look at the BuddyBoss theme the other day, and I liked what I was seeing. Support for PMPro and BuddyPress as well as WooCommerce is something that is a dream for me, but now is quite possible for Believe Beloved if my developer and I decide to switch to this theme. It also has some well integrated plugins that I would have to consider purchasing and/or installing, but would increase the functionality of the site.

I think I will leave Ultimate Member on Player Crunch and Unlimited Fiction, as they don’t require as much social functionality as Believe Beloved does. If I purchase the Private Messages and Followers add-ons for each site, that should easily handle the functionality each site needs. Also it handles the issue of advertising quite nicely with the code snippet my developer came up with to be able to hide the ads from the moderators and premium users at both sites.

It sucks that Payza like Paypal is coded in such a way that IPN can only be used with just one site, and not multiple sites like I was hoping for. This leaves CCBill as my only multiple site payment provider, so I will have to get an account with them, purchase the WooCommerce plugin to be able to handle it, and then set it up at each site. When that will take place, I don’t know, but it will probably be when I can afford the setup fee they charge and the cost of the plugin from CodeCanyon (there is a free version but it only handles single payments and not subscriptions).

However, I am still very happy to have Unlimited Fan Fiction up and running. I will be adding more characters to both Pokemon and Percy Jackson and the Olympians today before I go take a shower and get dressed for the day (I have to work 4-9 this evening at my paying job.), but if there is a character (or warning or fandom) you want to see that I haven’t added yet, don’t hesitate to use the Contact Us page there to suggest them to the staff. Running a free site (especially one that is ad-free) is something I love to do, because not only is it easier but it will be more popular in the long-run. (Wouldn’t you rather use a free site than a site where you have to pay and/or see ads?) I am hoping to complete and launch the first chapter or prologue of a story soon at the site.

Got to go now, so take care until the next time I post! πŸ˜‰

I’m happy to see…

I’m happy to see that Unlimited Fan Fiction is now open for new users to register and start posting their own stories. It may not be on WordPress, but at least it is now open and I can start posting my fanfiction as I write it. Starting tomorrow morning, I’m going to start working on a message for Believe Beloved (first in a series called “What Does the Bible Say About”) to keep myself on the path that’s pure and right.

Podcast Episode 162

On this week’s episode, I share some good news and encourage my listeners to watch out for two announcements from my company this week.

My Company is Aiming at the Stars

Earlier today, my company announcedΒ the launch of Red Planet Four, a project aimed at advocating for a manned mission to Mars by the end of 2025, a little over one decade from now. I believe firmly that such a mission is vital to our future and a good use of technology and finances. By sending a manned mission instead of more robots, we can study the red planet more accurately. I will explain more in detail at Red Planet Four about how and why such a mission is possible.