A New Beta-Reader and Other News

Hey all you Rayshippers out there, I got some great news regarding “Training the Guardian”! Fossilman17 from FF.Net has asked to Beta-Read the story for me, and I was very happy to accept his offer. So he should make chapters more smoother (if that’s possible), even though it will be a small delay between completion and posting as he has to read each chapter.

Speaking of my writing, there’s a poll here on the blog and I hope you vote in it as it will determine which story I will write the next chapter for. So far “Trainer of Destiny” and “Time’s Changes” are tied at a vote a piece. If no one else votes, I’ll choose the story I want to write the next chapter for! 😉 Poll closes this Friday, so vote soon!

Since those four are the subject of the poll, I’m going to work on my entry for a writing contest for a site I’m a member of. I can’t say much about what it’s about as I have only a vague idea on what I want to write it about, though I know I have to have some aspect of winter in my story for the contest.

I’m also planning on installing some games to my computer today and adjusting how the links are displayed here. Specifically, I’m going to put each category of links on it’s own page. For the games I’m installing today, here’s the list:

  • RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
  • Empire Earth II
  • Lego Racers 2
  • Journey Into the Brain
  • Railroad Tycoon II
  • Mall Tycoon

These games should keep me occupied when I don’t feel like writing, and who knows, I may even come up with an idea for a story when I’m playing. Of course I’m also watching Dragon Ball episodes at MojVideo (just search for # Dragon where # is the specific episode number you want to watch).

That’s all I’ve got to post, as I’ve got dishes to wash so take care until next post! 😉

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