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Greetings everyone! As I hope to release the prologue for my latest story, “Guardian Prince of Aura”, today, I will share a preview of it here. I don’t have it completely done yet, but I will complete it today. (Yes, I am that determined to get it done and started on the next chapter of “Trainer of Destiny: Kanto and Orange Islands”.) So enjoy:

Guardian Prince of Aura
A Pokemon Fan Fiction by BlackFalcon

Ash, Pikachu, Tracey, and Misty were on a ferry heading back to Kanto. Ash had recently won the Orange League Winner’s Trophy by defeating Drake in a full six-on-six battle. It was night time and Pikachu and him were on deck because Ash couldn’t sleep and the mouse had followed him up from their bunk. Ash sighed as he looked out at the sea as he thought, ‘I wonder if this will satisfy her? I’m getting tired of being beaten up by her.’
You see Ash dreaded going home after each journey, because he knew Delia would beat him. It was the reason he refused in his mind to acknowledge her as his mother, doubting that his real mom would beat him. He then thought back to what happened after he saved the world on and around Shamouti Island.
It was the night-time. Earlier that same day, Ash had helped save the world once again by bringing three ancient speheres to the shrine here on the island, thereby helping Lugia to pacify the Titans of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Ash with Pikachu on his shoulder was walking to the shrine, wanting to speak with Slowking and Lugia in private, away from his friends and the other islanders.
When he got there, he spotted Slowking near the stone where the prophecy was inscribed. Apparently, the Pokemon saw him at almost the same time. “Chosen One, why are you here and not asleep in your bed?” he asked the trainer.
“I was hoping I could talk to you and Lugia in private, as I don’t want our conversation to be heard by my traveling companions. Only Pikachu here knows what I am about to tell you and the Guardian of the Sea,” the black-haired trainer replied.
“Very well, here comes Lugia now,” answered the Royal Pokemon as a twister of water appeared and disappeared revealing the Diving Pokemon.
“Ash, why have you come so late at night?” Lugia asked.
“Before I tell you both, can both of you please promise me that the only ones you will ever tell what I am about to reveal are the other Legendaries and Pokemon you feel you can trust with a life-and-death secret?” Ash asked the two Pokemon.
Slowking said, “You have my solemn word as the one who watches over the prophecy.”
Lugia added, “You have my solemn oath as a Legendary Pokemon, Ash.”
Ash then said, “Thank you both of you. That means a lot and I promise you that what I’ve told you I’ve never told any of my traveling companions. Even among my Pokemon, only Pikachu knows because he’s always by my side, right pal?”
“Pika Pikachu Pikapi! (You bet Ash!)” was the mouse’s reply and gave a thumbs up. Somehow Ash could always understand what his Pokemon were saying, but never questioned the ability.
Ash then continued, “Another reason I am not in bed asleep is because Delia is still here on Shamouti Island.”
Lugia then broke in, “Why don’t you call her your mother Ash?”
“That’s the reason I wanted to talk to you, Lugia. That woman has been beating me ever since the man I thought was my dad left when I was five,” Ash said with a huge frown and a shudder of fear at the memories of the beatings he’s endured from Delia.
“What do you mean ‘the man I thought was my dad’, Chosen One?” Slowking asked.
“Well when I was nine, I overheard Professor Oak and her talking. I learned I had been adopted as a baby after they found me in the woods, guarded by wild Pokemon like though I was someone special. Apparently her husband was infertile, so they decided to take me in and adopt me as their son,” Ash said with distaste. “I wish someone else had found me, like Professor Oak because he always treats me nicely, same for the people I’ve met on my journeys.”
“You are someone special, and I don’t just mean that you are the Chosen One Ash,” Lugia told the trainer. “I will tell Lord Arceus about this and see what he decides. I hope we can help you soon, but for now remember you will always have the Legendaries as your friends.”
“Who’s Lord Arceus?” Ash asked, not knowing who that Pokemon was.
“Lord Arceus is the God of all Pokemon, and the head of the Council of Legendaries, of which I am a member,” the Diving Pokemon told the black-haired trainer with a smile. “I must go now, and you should get some sleep. That woman you fear is asleep now.”
“Lugia and Slowking, thanks for talking with me and hearing what’s happened to me,” Ash said before he and Pikachu left to go back to bed after the two Pokemon acknowledged him.
[End Flashback]
“What are you thinking about Ash?” Pikachu asked his best friend and trainer.
“Just about that time we talked privately with Slowking and Lugia. I doubt anything’s going to happen anytime soon, so I hope this victory and this trophy is enough to satisfy her for now,” Ash replied.
“Don’t underestimate the Legendaries Ash. Lugia promised they’d help you and I believe in him and the others,” the mouse said.
“I’m the one who’s suffering the punches and kicks from that… witch!” Ash practically growled out. “It’s easy for him to say for me to be patient when he doesn’t have to hide bruises and pretend to be clumsy half the time!”
“Yeah, too bad you forbid me from helping you. I think that woman deserves a Thundershock or two!” Pikachu growled.
“Don’t worry about it buddy, I just don’t want you to get hurt for defending me. Let’s go get some sleep, as tomorrow we’ll be docking in Pallet Town,” our favorite trainer said before the two of them returned to their bed and soon were in dreamland, dreaming of a better future.

This story will be rated MA for child abuse (in the prologue only, you’ll have to wait for the story to be posted at Unlimited Fan Fiction to read the full prologue) and future lemons. So far I have planned to have Elesa and Skyla as his girlfriends, but should Iris be one in this story?

Should Iris be apart of Ash's harem (with Elesa and Skyla) in my newest story?

  • Yes (89%, 8 Votes)
  • No (11%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 9

I think you are going to like what I have planned for this story, and what I have planned for the next chapter of “Trainer of Destiny: Kanto and Orange Islands”. By the way, thanks so far for all the reviews and interest in that story. It means a lot to me! 😉

I’m probably going to play more RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe today as well as I have a scenario that I’ve almost won. 😀 It’s the first easy one “Forest Frontiers”. I’ve got a nice money-making park so far.

That’s all for now, so take care! 😉

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