New Store for Swagnilla Ice and News on Chapter 2 of Trainer of Destiny: Kanto & Orange Islands

Hey everyone!

I’ve got some great news for you if you are a fan of Swagnilla Ice! I’m partnering up with CafePress to bring a store to the website for his fans! The store will carry shirts, mugs, and other cool merchandise for those who want to show their support for the rockin’ rollin’ YouTube sensation! It should be up and running in a few days, so watch his Facebook page for the big announcement! 😉

As I have today through Wednesday off from work, I’ll be able to work on the second chapter of “Trainer of Destiny: Kanto & Orange Islands”! It’s going to be one of my biggest chapters to date, as the actually chapter so far has 1,732 words in it, with another 470 words in the beginning authors note for a grand total of 2,202 words so far! I’m up to the point where Ash has just left Professor Oak’s lab on the second day of him being a trainer, and he still needs to get to Viridian, meet a certain orange-haired gym leader we all know, meet and capture a certain member of the Council of Legendaries, capture a few other Pokemon, and fight the Team Rocket trio. I know what you are thinking, that Ash will be over-powered if he gets a Legendary so soon, but he will not use her in gym battles. That’s all I will reveal at this point. 😉

Also I have determined the human females that will be joining Ash as his traveling companions and eventual girlfriends/mates over the course of the series. Let’s just say that a few of them may surprise you when I choose to reveal them in the series. 😉 I haven’t fully decided his full team of Pokemon, although it will be a mixture of canon and non-canon Pokemon including the Legendaries and Pseudo-Legendaries.

That’s all I’ve got for now, so until next time, take care! 😉

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