New Job for Me and Other News

Hey everyone!

I have some good news in my personal life! It looks like I have a full-time job now as a Wash Bay Attendant at Super Clean Car Wash here in town. 😀 I have to be there tomorrow at 9 am to start learning about my new job. I’m thinking I’ll also get more regular hours because of the type of job it is. It might be a colder job than Superstore, but more hours is always something I prefer over comfort.

I may have less time for my writing now in that case. I was lazy yesterday and wrote about three hundred words for chapter fourteen for “Time’s Changes”. I’m definitely going to work on it today after I record the first every Questions and Answers video for Swagnilla Ice. I’ll be mentioning the Twenty Questions post I wrote earlier this month so that my fans will learn about it,k and hopefully come learn more about me.

Time for me to go record that video and start writing again! Til next post, take care. 😉

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