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Sorry for posting this post so late today folks. Almost forgot I had to post a blog post today. :$

Anyways I’ve updated WordPress here to 3.5, and so far it seems to be running smooth. It’s also added my badge from Stik.com to the sidebar.

I’m working on chapter six of “Keeping Old Promises” still so here’s a preview of it for you all to enjoy until I complete it.

[From last chapter]

That was an interesting adventure, Ashy. So what would you like to do now?” the Salon Maiden asked her boyfriend with a smile.

I got an idea, want to hear it?” he replied with a grin.

[Begin chapter 6!]

I sure do, what’s the plan?” Anabel asked her boyfriend and love.

How about we go to Vermillion City today and stay in a hotel until the meeting? That way this won’t happen again, because the next time we come to Pallet, we’ll be married,” Ash suggested.

Being able to sleep in a bed every night with you without anyone raising a fuss? Sounds great, let’s go get our Pokemon and stuff and go!” the Salon Maiden eagerly replied. So after Ash paid for their meal (he insisted on paying for both when Anabel tried paying for the meal), they headed back to the Ketchum residence to grab their stuff.

When they got there, Delia asked to speak to her son in private and Ash agreed to after asking Anabel to grab his stuff from his room which raised caused a few raised eyebrows from his mom and friends. “I’m sorry for earlier son, but I don’t want to see you hurt any potential daughter-in-law like your father hurt me when he left us to continue his quest,” she told him with tears in her eyes.

Mom, I’m not Dad and Anabel isn’t you. We’ll be there for each other, supporting each other all the way.”

I know that now Ash, and I’m pleased to see you defend her so quickly. Why are you leaving so soon though? Doesn’t your meeting not start for another day or so?”

That’s true, we still got two more days Mom, but we want to leave earlier. I’ll keep in contact with you and let you know how my training is going.”

I suppose you’ll be wanting your facility near hers?”

Yes, I doubt Scott would let her live here with me when the tower is near Tohjo Falls.”

Just be sure to invite me to visit some time after your facility is completed and to the wedding.”

I will Mom. I love you.”

I love you too Ash.” With that, the mother and son returned to his friends. Just then Anabel returned with their stuff.

Before they left Ash said, “Remember, you can hint to the others, but don’t tell them exactly where I am. I doubt Scott would be pleased if they interrupted our training.”

You can count on us, Ash,” Iris replied for the three, and then Ash and Anabel headed for the Oak Corral to round up the rest of his Pokemon who had spent the night there. Before they could teleport with Metagross, Professor Oak called over to them, “Telephone call for you, Ash!”

Who is it Professor?” Ash called back.

It’s from the Ranger Station near Mount Silver,” the Professor replied.

Be right there in that case,” the black-haired trainer replied and soon Ash was speaking to the Ranger in charge of the station there. “How can I help you?”

I was wondering if you could spare some time to come down to the station here. Remember that Larvitar that you protected from the poachers before you competed in the Silver Conference?” the ranger asked.

Yes, I remember that incident and that Pokemon. What can I do for you this time?” Ash replied.

The same Larvitar you helped wants you to be his trainer and he’s evolved into a Tyranitar over the years. Normally we’d catch him and send the ball to you via the transport system, but the higher ups want to make you an honorary Elite Pokemon Ranger for all the help you’ve been over the years, specifically with Legendaries like Manaphy, Darkrai, and Dyoxsis. So they told me to invite you to the station here when Tyranitar came here and pointed to a picture we had of you here,” the man replied.

In that case, I’ll gladly come there. I’ll be there in a few minutes, as my girlfriend has a Pokemon that knows Teleport,” Ash replied.

Great to hear that, and we’ll see you when you get here!” the ranger said and hung up.

After Ash and Anabel were outside, they heard a voice in their heads say, “Ash, it is good to see you again, my friend.”

Ash spun around, saw Mewtwo, smiled, and replied, “It’s nice to see you again as well, Mewtwo. I’d like to introduce you to Anabel, my girlfriend and future co-worker.”

A pleasure to meet the woman who captured the Chosen One’s heart,” Mewtwo said.

Likewise, it’s nice to meet you. May I ask why you are here?” Anabel replied.

You may since it involves your boyfriend,” the Genetic Pokemon said.

What involves me, Mewtwo?” Ash asked, curiously.

I’m tired of hiding because I don’t want Team Rocket to find me again. The only safe way I can show myself to the world is if I have a trainer. Ash, I want to become one of yours,” Mewtwo replied.

I’d rather you consider me your friend than your trainer, as you won’t be the first Legendary to choose me as a Trainer,” Ash replied and activated the capture mode of the Poke-glove. He then held out the Crystal Ball to the Legendary.

Who was before me?” Mewtwo asked.

Zekrom and Reshiram were,” Ash answered, and Mewtwo nodded before activating the device and allowing it to capture him. After Ash had loaded Mewtwo into the glove, he called him back out.

Do you need something Ash?” the Genetic Pokemon asked.

Could you Teleport us a few places?” Ash asked.

I would be honored to do so for my friends. Where shall we go first?” Mewtwo replied and offered his paws to Ash and Anabel who linked up with him, using their other hands to hold on to each other, while Pikachu and Meowth were on Ash’s shoulders.

Take us to the Pokemon Ranger station near Mount Silver, please,” Ash said.

Mewtwo nodded and with a cry of “Teleport!” and a flash of white light, they were no longer there.

I hope you liked that preview. 😉 Until next time, take care. 😉

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