Now Writing Chapter 15 of “Time’s Changes” and Other News

Hey to all my readers!

For those of you who are Abilityshippers, I am proud to say that I am waiting on my Beta-Reader’s review before I post the latest chapter to Unlimited Fan Fiction’s archive. It will hopefully be posted there in a few days. 😉

This means for you Pokeshippers that I can start chapter fifteen of “Time’s Changes”! In the chapter, you will finally get to see Joel and Karen battle (but not each other). You will also meet a character that is originally from the manga, Leaf Green. She’ll be Joel’s opponent for his battle, and Karen’s will be an OC that I will create for the battle called Jude. That’s all I’m willing to reveal at this point, so you’ll have to wait for the chapter.

Rayshippers, don’t worry! I’m planning on writing the next chapter of “Training the Guardian” as soon as I complete chapter fifteen for “Time’s Changes”! I just really want to get that story completed as it was the first story I started, so I really want to complete it soon. It’s over a year old now, as I started it back in September of 2011!

Pearlshippers, I haven’t forgotten about “Darkness Before Dawn” or for that matter, any of my other stories! As soon as I complete “Time’s Changes” and “Keeping Old Promises”, I will be resuming work on my dark Pearlshipping story! 😉

In other news, I have decided to switch both FoodRatings and Adult Fun Center to WordPress to make updates easier. I have to get two plugins custom coded just for FoodRatings for this (or I might eventually switch it to phpHaze), and I have to pay for some premium plugins for both. However in the long run, it will pay off as updates will be a lot easier for me to manage. (It wipes out manual updates that I might screw up.)

That’s all for now, so until next post, take care. 😉

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