Looking for a Good Android App

Hey all,

I’m currently looking for a good Android app for my Nexus 7 tablet that can edit ODT files – preferably something that could act like LibreOffice does on my desktop. Support for Dropbox would be necessary as well, as I use that to sync the documents between my computer and my tablet. (I gotta admit that Dropbox is a great service.) I have a funny feeling I am not the only one looking for such an app either! 😉

With today and tomorrow off, I should find enough time to complete the chapter of “Time’s Changes” that I am working on. Though with my sites likely to go down soon, I won’t post it until the sites are back up. 😉 I’ll be working on the next chapters of “Guardian Prince of Aura” and “Training the Guardian” while I wait for it to come back online.

I’m planning to save up enough cash to get a paid membership at WPMU DEV. Due to me using my Paypal account to save it and using the same account to pay for hosting ($37.50/month), it will take a little over 24 weeks (a little over 6 months) until I have enough cash saved up. The benefit to getting a paid account there is a lot of cool themes and plugins for sites I have planned and have, plus I ask them to develop plugins that I need for my sites and/or get support for when I need help. Plus I’ll save money in the long run by buying a year long membership versus a one month one ($79.50×12 > $420). They have a couple of themes I want to use, and a couple of plugins I’m interested in.

That’s all I have to post for now, so until the next time I post, take care! 😉

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