One Week Left to Vote

Greetings everyone!

First off, you have one week left to vote in the poll here that will decide which pairing I use for the next story I start. Speaking of polls, you guys and gals have about eight and a half days left before the poll at the main site of Unlimited Fan Fiction closes as well. That poll is about whether or not to add premium memberships to that site. It is a binding poll and will affect the future of that site. So if you want your voice heard, head on over and vote!

Speaking of fan fiction, I was reading Thomas3Garchomp’s “Fighting Alone” (which hasn’t been updated since September 19, 2010) when the idea hit me to write my own version as it seems he isn’t writing anymore as far as I can tell. (He hasn’t updated any of his stories since late 2011 and hasn’t responded to several of my PMs.) I can understand the reasons why authors don’t update, but it still drives me up the wall to see a great story get abandoned especially when it’s so full of potential like this one.

Speaking of stories I’m reading at FanFiction.Net, I’m also reading the following from chapter one again:

I might decide to install and play some City Life or play some RollerCoaster 2 Tycoon later. That’s all I’ve got to post so take care until next time. 😉

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