A Change is Coming to Unlimited Fan Fiction & Other News

The results of the poll at Unlimited Fan Fiction are in folks, and as a result a change is coming to that site! I’ll be sure to tell you in this post about what’s changing there, as well as the other news that I have for you in the rest of this post.

Due to a four to one vote in favor of premium memberships, I will be adding them to Unlimited Fan Fiction. They will allow you to get rid of the ads in return for supporting the site financially. I’m going to try using s2Member to put in place what I want there, but if it doesn’t work I will be using the Member plugin from WPMU DEV after I update my own membership there later this week. Due to my hectic schedule, it will probably take me a few days to get it fully set up. Watch for a news post there to announce when it is done.

Speaking of that upgrade of my membership there, with the themes and plugins I’ll be able to access, I’ll be able to finish Leet Link, and create both WP Blog Central and Leet Link Aye. Who knows, I might be able to get the custom plugins I need coded done as well? Of course, I still need to get the ad and arcade plugins separate, as well as the script that will be running Leet Link Ads. 😉

I’m planning on starting the first chapter of my new Mareshipping story “Legend of the Dragon Lord: Kanto” tonight. I doubt I’ll be able to complete the first chapter tonight, but I’ll try and work on it tomorrow as I only work 1-5 PM. Here’s the summary for it:

Legend of the Dragon Lord: Kanto” is a story that is alternate universe. Ash doesn’t start his journey until he’s fifteen, and he has Bianca as his girlfriend and Latias and Latios as his two starters, and he’s determined to become the number one dragon trainer because of them. Aura/Psychic/Smart Ash

You may have noticed I’ve upped Ash’s starting age from ten to fifteen in this story. I’ve got a good reason for that, and I’ll explain why in the story. I’m trying to decide whether or not to make Gary leave home (and go to a region that allows trainers to start earlier) because he’s impatient or also make him wait. I might just make that a future poll here so keep an eye peeled for updates.

That’s all I’ve got for now, so until next time, take care. 😉

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