Playing the Waiting Game


I was hoping to announce a major purchase here, but I’m still playing the waiting game for my money to be transferred to my Paypal account. It was expected to clear today, so I will hopefully be able to do the purchase tomorrow and announce it Wednesday. ;)

I have decided to not use s2Member for the premium memberships at Unlimited Fan Fiction, because it uses the PDT and auto-return features of Paypal, which I don’t like because they are limited to one site only. I have many sites in which I want to use Paypal so limiting it to one really isn’t what I like.

I still haven’t decided how to finish the next chapter of “Time’s Changes” and there is still a week until I close the poll on my profile at FanFiction.Net for my Mareshipping story idea (though so far it looks like the majority of people see my reasoning as logical). I was thinking I would work on the next chapter of either “Taking Responsibility”, “Keeping Old Promises”, or “Trainer of Destiny: Kanto and Orange Islands” while I waited for that poll to close.

Speaking of polls, the poll on which evil team is liked the most ended in a tie for the winner amongst Teams Magma, Galactic, and Plasma. Team Rocket got one vote, while Team Aqua got no votes. So I’ll leave you all with a new poll, and say see you next time so stay safe. ;)

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