Late Post but Long Day

I know this post is coming out later than most people expect but I’ve been awake since 6:35 am this morning because I worked 9 am to 5:30 pm today. I was also busy doing other stuff when I got home today. Read on and you’ll learn more.

I am pleased to announce that there are now premium memberships at Unlimited Fan Fiction for those who want to get rid of the ads. You should head on over to that site to learn the full details, but the various levels are Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Until the end of Feb 27, use the coupon code 50OFDIAMOND to get 50% off the cost of a Diamond membership there. 😉 All money earned from the memberships will go back into the site in the form of custom plugins and contests in the future.

I was hoping to have Leet Link finished today, but an error came up that will force me to re-install the site there. I will say that I have found the perfect link directory and classifieds plugins for it, which I am well pleased about. I’m considering suggesting to the makers of the classifieds plugin to make a link directory plugin, as they’ve done such an awesome job on it. Seriously, it’s one of the best plugins I’ve ever used. Very versatile, which is very nice. 😉

I’m currently reading the following fan fiction stories when not working on one of my websites or writing the next chapter for one of my own:

  • The Child of Mew by DarkFoxKit
  • A Pink Surprise by Uranium235
  • Road to Master by sojoukou senkuo
  • Master of Legendaries by sojoukou senkuo
  • Fighting Alone by Thomas3Garchomp
  • Chronicles of the Chosen One: Pokemon Master by Sabor364

I am also reading any updates to stories that I am subscribed to. 😉 That’s all I got for now, so take care. 😉

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