Results of the Poll and Needing Beta-Readers!

Well the poll on my profile at FanFiction.Net has come to a close, and the results were rather one-sided. All except for one miserable voter (whoever he/she is) agreed that my idea was logical, so I will be proceeding with it and will be starting the first chapter of “Legend of the Dragon Master: Kanto” today. I am looking for a Beta-reader for this story but I will still publish chapters until I get one.

Speaking of Beta-readers, I would like to publicly thank the following members at FanFiction.Net for Beta-reading my stories for me (despite me writing MA rated stuff most of the time):

  • Auramaster24 for “Time’s Changes” (and his OC characters – thanks also goes to those who provided their OCs for this story’s tournament)
  • Matthew Carter for “Trainer of Destiny” series and my future Waterflower sisters story (not many are willing to put up with incest [AshxDelia] and human/Pokemon pairings so thank you!)
  • PokePenguin2459 for “Keeping Old Promises” and “Taking Responsibility” – Abilityshippers are rare so a huge thank you to you!
  • beastmode953 for “Darkest Before Dawn” – Emotions are not one of my strong points, and I need the emotions to be great for this one, so thank you!

However, I still need Beta-readers for the following stories and pairings for future stories besides The Mareshipping Chronicles series:

  • Ash x Maylene (for my rewrite of Jiyle’s “The Aura is With Me”)
  • Ash x Domino
  • Return of The Champion (Ash x Iris) – I don’t know why this pairing is not liked by many.
  • The Blue Mew series
  • The FireRedShipping Chronicles (have plans for both prequels and a sequel to “The Perfect Gift”)
  • Stargate: Atlantis Adventures
  • Love in Sinnoh (originally by Zombyra – both Pearl and Ability ships)
  • Guardian Prince of Aura

If you are interested in Beta-reading any of the above, get in contact with me at FanFiction.Net or Unlimited Fan Fiction, but be advised I accept help from those aged at least 18 only due to the way I write. 😉

Until the next time I post, take care. 😉

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