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It’s good to be writing another blog post. A lot has taken place since the last time I posted, so please read on! 😉

This past weekend I was able to complete and launch WP Blog Central, my company’s blog hosting site. It offers both free and paid hosting for blogs, powered by WordPress. Support is offered there through the forums, and there is a table on the front page which shows the difference between each level of hosting we offer there. If you are looking for a place to host your blog and having it mostly set up already, check it out. 😉

I’ll soon be done working on Adult Fun Center, so it will be ready for visitors. It offers forums, arcades, and for premium members photo and video galleries (as well as exclusive forums) to enjoy. Right now the only way to become a Premium member there is to use the site’s currency which you can earn by participating on the forums. All I have left to do is add a few more story forums and it will be ready. I will have to add more games to the arcade in the future as well. 🙂

Due to my computer rebooting at random intervals (I think it’s a memory issue), I have decided to temporary stop work on my fan fiction stories until I get a new rig. This is something I do reluctantly, as I love to write. A new desktop isn’t cheap either – I’m looking at least C$3,600 before tax and various fees. 🙁

Got to go finish the AFC, so until next time, take care. 😉

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