I’m on About.Me and Other News

Well, I went and joined yet another website that helps me spread the word about myself and it’s About.Me. As you can see from the widget on the left hand side of this blog, it’s linked to my various social media accounts around the web, and I’ve also linked to my Swagnilla Ice website and Unlimited Fan Fiction as well.

Speaking of the latter, I’ve added a page for it on Google+. Might as well do so, to help spread the word even more about my fan fiction archive website that has almost no limits for writers. 😉 (BTW, there’s a poll on that website about whether or not it should switch to SMF from WordPress, so if you care about that, you should go vote today.) I’ve also added +1 buttons to it via WPMU DEV’s The Google+ Plugin. It was easy to setup, and it’s a breeze to use. Useful if your site has a Google+ page. Also great for claiming your site with Google Authorship. 😉

Due to my computer not being totally stable (due to RAM I’m certain of it) and being lazy (a terrible combo), I haven’t written one word on my fan fiction stories, and for that I apologize to my writers. I work until 10 pm today, so I won’t get in any writing today, but I’ll try and get something written tomorrow since it’s a day off work.

Got to run now, so take care. 😉

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