Poll at Unlimited Fan Fiction Closes Tomorrow

You read the title right, folks. The poll over at Unlimited Fan Fiction does indeed close tomorrow. I will be implementing the results of that poll on Friday if I have to switch it to SMF from WordPress. 😉

Speaking of fan fiction, has anyone else noticed how FanFiction.Net has changed their review box and the subscribe options? I was used to the checkboxes beneath the review box, and with being able to click on a box above it to put my name into it when I wasn’t logged in. Maybe they want people to use their accounts when they are reviewing other people’s work? If so, that doesn’t bother me, as I try to leave honest reviews without using insults. Insulting the writer is just plain mean and not acceptable IMHO. 😉

I am working on the first chapter of my Pearlshipping/BootlegPearlshipping story “A Conference and A Double Wedding”, and I’m hoping to have it finished and sent to it’s Beta-reader today. I can then resume work on the first part of the next chapter of “Time’s Changes”, though I might also work on the next chapter of “Taking Responsibility” or “Keeping Old Promises” my two Abilityshipping stories that are in-progress. I could also work on “Training the Guardian”, my Rayshipping story. I’ll decide on which one I’ll be working on when I get done my current project. 😉

Better get back to writing, and I’ve got dishes to wash, so take care for now. 😉

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