Poll at Unlimited Fan Fiction Closes Tomorrow

March 20, 2013 in Fan Fiction, Websites

You read the title right, folks. The poll over at Unlimited Fan Fiction does indeed close tomorrow. I will be implementing the results of that poll on Friday if I have to switch it to SMF from WordPress. ;)

Speaking of fan fiction, has anyone else noticed how FanFiction.Net has changed their review box and the subscribe options? I was used to the checkboxes beneath the review box, and with being able to click on a box above it to put my name into it when I wasn’t logged in. Maybe they want people to use their accounts when they are reviewing other people’s work? If so, that doesn’t bother me, as I try to leave honest reviews without using insults. Insulting the writer is just plain mean and not acceptable IMHO. ;)

I am working on the first chapter of my Pearlshipping/BootlegPearlshipping story “A Conference and A Double Wedding”, and I’m hoping to have it finished and sent to it’s Beta-reader today. I can then resume work on the first part of the next chapter of “Time’s Changes”, though I might also work on the next chapter of “Taking Responsibility” or “Keeping Old Promises” my two Abilityshipping stories that are in-progress. I could also work on “Training the Guardian”, my Rayshipping story. I’ll decide on which one I’ll be working on when I get done my current project. ;)

Better get back to writing, and I’ve got dishes to wash, so take care for now. ;)