Two Announcements Regarding My Writing

Hey everyone!

I have two big announcements to make in regards to my writing, so please keep reading this post! 😉

My first big announcement is that I have set a goal of completing a new chapter every two weeks. Notice I didn’t say fan fiction, or even publishing, just completing. 😉 This is important, because I may use some weeks to work on a idea for a novel I have, and some weeks I may work on stories that I will not be publishing at Unlimited Fan Fiction, but which may be published to Adult Fun Center. I will be sure to keep you all updated on what I’m currently working on.

My second big announcement is that I’ve set a goal of completing “Time’s Changes” – my first ever fan fiction story – by the end of this year. I will be trying to release a new chapter (or part of a chapter) every four weeks. I have no clue whether or not I can complete it by New Year’s Day 2014, as I still have the rest of the round robin matches, Ash and Misty’s wedding, the championship rounds, and Ash’s battle against the Pokemon Master (this one alone will be in two parts so that I can make it as epic as possible) before the story will be complete.

Currently I’m thinking of finishing the first part of chapter fifteen for that story, but I have a great idea on how to start my sequel to “Debt Repaid” so I might work on that instead. I’ll let you know what I decided to work on next post.

Until next time, take care. 😉

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