Some Stats for My Sites and Other News

I’ve recently checked out the Alexa rank and Google PageRank for my sites and they are pretty impressive to me. Here they are:

Website Name Alexa Rank Google PageRank
WhiteEagle's Aerie 1078807 3
Unlimited Fan Fiction 626866 2
Leet Link 1002478 1
FoodRatings 15765701 1
Professional Canadian Hockey League 21095530 n/a

I know that the excellent Alexa rank comes from lots of traffic, so thank you to all the visitors to that site. It’s my best ever ranked site there, with my blog retaining it’s status as the site with the best Google PageRank. Since I just finished relaunching the league’s website, the poor rating on Alexa and no ranking on Google is expected for right now. (The same can be said for Adult Fun Center, who’s stats are pretty much identical to those of the league’s.) I think my blog has the best rank on Google because I keep adding new content here every few days. It’s good (but seriously can be improved) Alexa rank probably comes from the fact that I have linked to my blog as my home page a lot of different sites and I promote my posts to a few social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yahoo).

I’m currently still working on the first part of chapter fifteen for “Time’s Changes”. However, I do have a hectic work schedule right now, and my laziness has taken over me. I do have a day off on Wednesday, so I’m planning on finishing it then and getting it sent to it’s Beta-reader for review so that I can post it for your reading pleasure. I’m also being distracted by a lot of great stories that I’ve found and are must reads for me. 😛

Oh, I’ve posted a free request to the SMF community website to create a fan fiction archive plugin. Since I didn’t win the lottery ( 🙁 ), I can’t change it to a paid request, which was part of my plans if I did so. I can’t wait to merge the archive with the main site, it will be so much easier to manage. 😉

That’s all for now, so take care. 😉

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