What I’m Doing Today and Some More Stats

Today I have tasks to complete. I have to get them done today because I work eight to one in the afternoon tomorrow and half past noon to half past five in the evening on Fiday before getting Saturday off. I tend to be a bit more lazier when I have to work, so if I don’t get done this stuff today, it likely won’t get done until Saturday.

The most important thing for me to do today is to clean up my kitchen. So far I have washed one load of dishes, and have to wash at least one more when the first load finishes air drying. I am also thinking about sweeping and mopping the floor, as that hasn’t been done in a while. I also have to clean my electric grill.

My other major task for today is to finish the first part of chapter fifteen of “Time’s Changes” and get it sent to it’s Beta-reader. However, I’m waiting on a reply to a PM I sent him about Joel’s Pokemon levels, as I prefer to use a large variety of moves so that my writing can be more interesting. Using the same four moves over and over again can get boring at times. 😉 If I can finish that today, I’m going to start on the next chapter of either “Taking Responsibility” or “A Conference and A Double Wedding” today and try and complete it on Saturday so that I can start on the second part of chapter fifteen for “Time’s Changes”.

While I’m on the topic of my fan fiction stories, here’s the stats on them, sorted by the read count:

Story Name Reviews Read Count
A Conference And a Double Wedding 1 168
A Guardian's Duty 0 125
Darkest Before Dawn 1 324
Debt Repaid 0 340
For My Rival's Sister 1 268
Guardian Prince of Aura 3 452
Keeping Old Promises 4 1978
Legend of the Dragon Lord: Kanto 2 264
Love in Sinnoh 17 5018
Return of the Champion 2 256
Stargate: Atlantis Adventures 0 23
Taking Responsibility 6 541
The Blue Mew 5 1530
The Date 0 101
The Perfect Gift 2 2380
Time's Changes 3 1359
Trainer of Destiny: Kanto and Orange Islands 15 1534
Training the Guardian 8 2479

That adds up to over 19,000 reads for a mere eighteen stories (with three complete). Thanks a lot to all my readers! This means a lot to me!

Got to go and get that work done! Until next time, take care! 😉

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