I need some OCs please!

Once again I am looking to my faithful readers to help out in a situation I’m not good in. I need original characters for a few upcoming situations in my stories. First I’ll post what the requirements are for a OC to be used in one of my stories (and I’ll acknowledge who’s OCs I used in the chapter notes), and then I’ll post the situations I’ll be using them in.

First are my requirements for an OC so that I can properly write them into a story where they will appear:

  • Name, gender, and age
  • Hometown and region
  • Release phrase (if different from the standard)
  • Description and characterization (ie. looks and how he/she acts)
  • Pokemon team with levels (max. 10)
  • Any notable achievements (except if you want your character to appear in a certain situation, also can’t include championship of Orange League – see below for details on this)

Submit OCs to BlackFalcon on the Unlimited Fan Fiction forums, Scyther45 at the Bulbapedia community forums, or WhiteEagle1985 at FF.Net. Also say how you want your acknowledgement to appear. (If I get to a situation before I get an OC, I’ll create my own for it.)

Here are the situations I’ll be needing OCs for:

  1. Ash defending his Orange League championship – to occur in 2 stories (Soaring to Victory and Taking Responsibility)
  2. Ash retaking on the Indigo League in Soaring to Victory (I’ll be using 3 of his rivals, so I will still need OCs for the other battles).
  3. Ashura taking on the tournament at Rota and then the Indigo League in Guardian Prince of Aura
  4. The World Pokemon Conference (both before during Ash’s training and during the conference)
  5. 2 different challengers for Anabel in Keeping Old Promises besides Paul and maybe Gary
  6. Opponents for the Lily of the Valley and Unova Leagues in Darkest Before Dawn besides Max and Trip
  7. Some opponents for Skyla in Soaring to Victory.

I’m looking forward to your OCs, so please submit them. Thanks in advance! 😀

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