I Still Need Beta-Readers and Other News

I am still looking for Beta-Readers for a few of my stories. All of them are rated MA mainly due to lemon scenes in some chapters. I am looking for Beta-Readers for these stories so far:

  • Stargate: Atlantis Adventures – Jack x Sam
  • Legend of the Dragon Lord: Kanto (this will be a series) – Ash x Bianca
  • A Guardian’s Duty – Ash x Queen Ilene (contains incest as they are nephew and aunt in this story – is AU)
  • Soaring to Victory – Ash x Skyla (contains an OC evolution of Pikachu via an invented item and will contain bashing of Misty and others)
  • The World Pokemon Conference (looking for OCs for this) – Ash x Leaf

I’ll be also needing Betas who are interested in one of the following pairings that I’ve got plans for:

  • Ash x Domino
  • Ash x Maylene (rewrite of Jiyle’s “The Aura Is With Me”)
  • Ash x harem (consisting of Zoroark, Latias, Meloetta, and Sabrina)
  • Ash x Clair
  • Ash x Elesa
  • Percy Jackson x Thalia Grace
  • other Percy Jackson pairings and other Ash pairings except for Waterflower sisters)

As for my writing itself, I’ve stopped working on the second chapter of “A Conference and A Double Wedding” in favor of writing the prologue for “The World Pokemon Conference”, so I could really use a Beta-reader for that story soon! 😉

As most of us know already, Google is shutting down it’s free RSS reader Reader as of the first of July. However I’m pleased to say that I’ve started work on my site that I hope many Google Reader former users will enjoy. It will stay free forever, paid for advertising through Leet Link Ads. I will announce more when the site is ready for users, so stay tuned to this blog for more details! 😉

That’s all I have for now, so until the next time I post, stay safe and take care! 😉

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