Too Tired to Write

Today’s shift was my third eight in the morning to five in the evening shift in a row, and I still have to work tomorrow again at eight in the morning. I’m very thankful for Friday and Saturday off, as I will need to recover my energy and maybe will be able to do some writing then.

Add in the fact that I’ve got a lot of fan fiction to catch up on – not just the stories I’m subscribed to, but also I keep an eye out for new stories that catch my eye. I do have specific criteria for two of the three categories I keep an eye on, so that helps. However, I watch all of the new Stargate: SG1 stories, as I like reading about the whole team and the people in the Stargate Program. It’s probably why I originally decided to take over Stargate: Atlantis Adventures, so that I could continue writing that story. So far it’s my only idea in that universe that isn’t a crossover from our own universe.

Speaking of crossing over into other universes from our own, one of my Pokemon story ideas will feature that and will only have Ash Ketchum make appearances via my character viewing TV or reading the paper. I might have the two characters meet  in a sequel, but for the first story, Ash will not be a major part of the story. 😉

All of my sites that run BuddyPress have been updated to the latest version, which was released today. That’s all the work I can really do on my sites until my host helps me gain access to cPanel again, so I might not be able to upload this week’s podcast on Friday.

That’s all I’ve got for now, so take care. 😉

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