Still Waiting for Access and Other News

JaguarPC, my web host, still hasn’t given me access to my cPanel. I need access to setup Canuck Gamers, my newest site (and even to just add the domain to my hosting account) as well as Free RSS Reader when I purchase that script. I also need it to upload files for the podcast here and also when I publish my first novel here.

Speaking of writing, someone emailed me from Unlimited Fan Fiction’s archive and basically told me to write the next chapter of “Soaring to Victory” or to change it to Advanceshipping. I’m sorry, but I usually set the pairing of a story before I write it. However, I do have ideas for that story so I’m writing the next chapter currently. I can still use OCs for that story. I’ll be needing them for the following competitions Ash will be entering during his training:

  • Tournament at Cameron Palace in honor of Sir Aaron’s sacrifice
  • Whirl Cup
  • Orange League Championship match (Ash will be defending his title.)
  • Hearthome Double Battle Tournament
  • Nacrene Town Club Battle Tournament

Speaking of ideas, I’ve come up with a vague idea for a Percy Jackson harem story, but I need to see if I can find names for more of Artemis’s hunters to really pull it off. I also have a vague idea of a Pertemis story floating around in my brain, but it comes and goes, so I will see if I can get it written down.

Time for me to end this post and to get working on that second chapter of “Soaring to Victory”. Take care folks! 😉

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