My Thoughts on a Few Things

First off I’m going to start with my thoughts about the current chapter I’m writing for my fan fiction story “Soaring to Victory”. I’m planning on including a rather lengthy author’s note in the beginning as I have a few things to clear up with my readers. I’ll let you read that when I publish the next chapter, which will be a few days to a couple weeks, seeing my schedule at work is very busy this week and I have plans for today that will prevent me from working on it.

Next I have to say that I’ve come across a couple of useful plugins for my plans for my websites, but I won’t delay until I can afford them. I’ll add them in when I can afford each one. So today I’m going to copy offline all of the relevant data for Leet Link and then switch it on over to WordPress. There’s a small glitch between BuddyPress Groups and bbPress forums, so I’m going to use a slightly earlier version than the latest until a patch gets fixed. I’m planning on creating a link directory there similar to one I use on my blog here. I have to find a good contact form plugin for part of it though. Too bad the current one that offer premium link support has not been updated in over two years. šŸ™

After I complete Leet Link, I’m planning on switching Adult Fun Center as well. I’d switch FoodRatings to WordPress as well, but the plugins I need don’t exist yet (a recipe book and a restaurant reviews by users) so I will be creating a “under construction” page for it until I’m ready to do it. Leaving a site half-done anymore just doesn’t leave me happy anymore.

Until the next time I post here, take care. šŸ˜‰

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