Plugins I’m Hoping to Buy in the Near Future

I’ve got some plans for my company’s websites and some of them require me to purchase a few plugins when I have the cash for them. Read on to learn more about what I have in store.

Probably the plugin that will affect the most sites in the long run is Restrict Content Pro from Pippins Plugins. It has a module that will allow me to create forums just for premium members, and I’m planning to use that at both Leet Link and Adult Fun Center, though I won’t be able to use Paypal for the latter. I will also be making it one of the premium plugins you can use at Leet Link Aye when you upgrade your blog. Also I will be using it to hide the ads from premium users. (I have to get a custom payment module made for Adult Fun Center for an adult payment provider that I found and want to use, as well as one for CubePoints.)

Speaking of Leet Link Aye, most of the plugins I’ll be using there (and for Leet Link and other sites) will be coming from WPMU DEV. Such plugins include:

  • Pro Sites (multisite paid blogging and control plugin)
  • Google Maps
  • Ultimate Branding (completely rebrand WordPress)
  • Google+
  • Chat (will replace Chat Lite at Swagnilla Ice)
  • BuddyPress plugins
  • Affiliates (pay people for talking about your site)
  • MarketPress (run a store on WordPress)
  • and more…

I’m also planning to get the WordPress Banner Rotation Plugin from Tribulant Software. This will allow me to rotate different ads at Adult Fun Center. I’m planning on getting this plugin on payday this week if I can afford it then.

That’s all I’ve got for now, so until next post, take care. 😉

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