SOPA is Being Revived & Other News

If you haven’t heard by now, the Obama Administration is trying to bring back part of SOPA – to be specific, the part that deals with streaming. Here’s the details at the Huffington Post. If this becomes law, it will spell doom for unknown music performers, fan fiction writers, and other artists. Sites like YouTube, FanFiction.Net, and 4chan would be wiped out because this would be applied to anything that’s copyrighted, even if it’s being used under the “fair rights” provisions of the Copyright Act.

I’m planning on adding more fields to the profiles at Unlimited Fan Fiction, especially to the contact and social networking info and the Beta-reader information. This will help users find each other easier, and help people find a Beta-reader for their stories at the site.

I’m also going to try and finish Leet Link Aye today, as it’s nearly finished and I’d like to see the site completed and attracting users. The plans for upgrading sites are complete already, so all I need to do is finish setting up the forums and write my first news post for the site. 😉

I’m currently working on the second chapter of “A Guardian’s Duty” and I have completed eight hundred eighty words of it so far, but some of them were part of the author’s note before the chapter actually started. I’m hoping to complete it sometime this week, but depending on circumstances, it may take longer.

Got to go get back to my work! 😉 Take care!

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