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Let me start off this post by admitting I’m surprised by the way this month’s poll has turned out so far. With almost a third of the month gone by, “The Blue Mew” is in first place despite me not writing a single chapter for it yet, while my first ever story “Time’s Changes” may end up on hiatus if people don’t get voting for it! Considering “Time’s Changes” has fifteen chapters and features Pokeshipping as the main pairing, I’d logically expect more votes for it, as that’s the most popular Pokemon shipping. I can understand the lack of votes for some of the other stories as they feature rare shippings and alternate universe story lines, but not for my first ever story. Same goes for my first dark Pearlshipping story “Darkness Before Dawn”. Yeah, that story is still in the prologue, but I want to complete a few others before I concentrate on it due to the emotional parts coming up in the final part of the prologue.

I’m hoping to complete the second chapter of “A Guardian’s Duty” today and get it posted. I’ve gotten my spark for writing back, and whenever I am looking at the chapter now, words flow into my brain that fit logically into the story where I need them to be. It’s a good feeling to no longer have writer’s block for this story right now!

I’m currently looking for some people to help me with my company’s new news site. At first all the positions will be volunteer, but when the site makes enough money, I’ll be willing to offer contracts. I’m looking for the following positions:

  • Administrator (just one to help me manage the site)
  • Editors (at least two to keep it running smooth and writing at least a weekly editorial)
  • Columnists (no limit here)
  • Writers for the following categories:
    • News
    • Automotive
    • Sports (or just for NFL, CFL, or NHL)
    • Entertainment
    • Fashion
    • Money
    • Politics
    • Technology
    • Travel

If you are interested in any of these positions, let me know, either via PM at Leet News Network (PM WhiteEagle) or via email. I’ll also be busy setting up the remainder of the Classifieds categories today.

Time for me to go get to work, so take care! 😉

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