I’m going to be live streaming more!

I’m going to be live streaming more to Twitch! Whenever I have at least three hours, I will be live streaming to my Twitch channel as I have had a lot of fun the last two nights doing so. As I am off Wednesday and Thursday night, you can expect me to live stream for at least four hours each night probably starting around 10 PM MST.

If you don’t already, consider following my Twitter account as I tweet whenever I go live! Also, I am releasing new videos every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to my YouTube channel, so please consider taking a look and subscribing. I’m also in the process of posting most of them to Swagnilla Ice, so please be patient while I do so (the only videos I’m not posting are testimonials and Wii U racing videos).

I’ve reposted a fanfic of mine…

I’ve reposted a fanfic of my own at Unlimited Fan Fiction called Harry James Pendragon-Slytherin: Heir of Arthur. It is only the first chapter, but it is nice to have some more content in my new archive, rather than having it blank. Maybe seeing something there will encourage more people to register as members there. 😉 I honestly wish I had more content to post, but I have deleted in the past much of my younger work when I had written much more, including some highly praised Pokemon stories.

I’m also working to slowly add my videos on YouTube to my new website for them, but it is taking time since I’m doing it manually. It takes time to post about one hundred videos from my channel to the site, but it will be quite awesome when it is completed! I also need to work out a privacy policy for the site before I can announce it to the world, and I just got an idea for a new site… which I may or may not announce here. 😉

I have an idea…

I have an idea for what I can do while I upload videos to YouTube. I can either play my games which don’t require internet access to play or I can work on my fan fiction. Yes, I can’t write them on the website, but nothing is stopping me from using my desktop applications! I have been wondering when I would find the time to write and here is an obvious solution.

I’m going to resume recording videos!

I’m going to resume recording videos! Last night and tonight I will be live streaming (and hopefully raising some money for the Movember Foundation), and starting Sunday afternoon, I will be recording, uploading, and scheduling the release of new episodes of my two current YouTube series: Swagtown and Village Architect. I’m also going to be working on moving my videos from a page on this website to a dedicated website called Swagnilla Ice (I’ll add a link to the sidebar when it’s ready for visitors!). Each video will be in its own dedicated post, with posts in the same series linked to one another.

I’m still not feeling well enough…

I’m still not feeling well enough to record episodes for my YouTube channel today. I hope to feel well enough so that I can start recording again by Friday, and live stream that day and Saturday as I have those two nights off at work this week. I’d also like to be able to stop having to take the foul medicine that helps me deal with the coughing and sore throat. I’ll be sure to let you all know when I’m feeling better!

I was hoping to livestream this weekend…

I was hoping to live stream this weekend to Twitch in support of Movember Foundation Canada (for whom I am raising funds for this month in support of men’s health) but my health is still not up to par. You can still follow the link here to donate, and maybe I will be well by Monday or Tuesday to be able to live stream then. I will also be using Streamlabs OBS for my software and Nightbot as my chatbot, so hopefully, that will solve the issues I’ve been having with chat.

I hate being sick!

I hate being sick! I hate the symptoms and don’t like the medicine that deals with them that much either! I cannot wait to get back to full health so I can resume my normal daily life! The fact that my voice has been hit which means I cannot record any videos makes it only worse! (I’ll be sure to let you know when I resume recording and uploading – thank goodness I’m ahead to next Tuesday – don’t have to record until next Thursday.)

I need to manage my time better…

I should start by mentioning that I do not mean all of my time when I say that I need to manage my time better. Just the time that I spend waiting for my YouTube videos to upload. I used to watch videos to pass the time, but soon got bored of doing that. Now all I do is nap or spend it foolishly. Sometimes I wash dishes or take a shower, but mostly I just sit around and rarely read a book.

With only two months left until Christmas Eve, I should do what I have said I would do but have never done – make a Christmas display out of clay. If I use my coloured clays, I would not have to paint and it would be something I could use every year. Ideally, I should get it done before December and I have more than enough time to complete it – sixteen uploading days before December arrives. When it is complete, I will take a picture and post it to my deviantArt gallery.

If I don’t start using my art supplies, they will become worthless to me as something I never do. This is something I would like to avoid. Plus it will give me a legit reason for having an account with deviantArt.

I have updated my games and Peaceful Pack

I have updated the page on my blog that list my games with my newest purchases from Steam. (Consider sending me a friend request there!) I’ll eventually do series with both Project Highrise and Stardew Valley for my YouTube channel; I just want to finish my current series in Banished first.

I have also updated the page that lists the mods I use in my Peaceful Pack. As I do not know what I want to be the main focus of a new series in Minecraft or a good name for it, the videos I am releasing next week will all be for my Swagtown series, except for Monday’s video, which is an end of series announcement video shot in my world that I am not usually recording or streaming from. It wasn’t an easy decision to make to end my first Minecraft series, but it was in line with what I have always said I will do – no off-camera work for my YouTube videos.