I’m loving my new iPad

I’m loving my new iPad for all the cool things it allows me to do when I’m not at my computer – from reading digital books, to surfing the web using Firefox (and having my tabs synced so I can just pick up where I left off), to chatting with my friends, to playing games and watching movies and TV shows. I should, in theory, be able to use it to do schoolwork when I return to school (after I get some more credit card debt paid off first) as I will be doing most of it online through NorQuest College.

My new iPad also makes reading a lot easier and not so tiring on my eyes during my night shifts at work. The text is so much bigger than on my iPhone, and the ability to rest every so often and go play a fun game is very nice. It’s especially nice since my solitaire stats will now be synced between my computer and my iPad thanks to Microsoft and it’s Game Cloud software. I’m also playing old favorite games of mine like The Sims and SimCity (and can find more games for free).

I’m planning on saving up and buying an iPad…

I’m planning on saving up and buying an iPad so that I can have a larger screen to read on at work. Plus it’ll be better if I want to watch a video as I’ll have a larger screen to enjoy what I’m viewing. I would also in theory be able to work on writing projects or schoolwork on it, and since I have a lot of down time on my job, this would be a good thing to keep me from getting bored.

I’ll be live streaming tonight and tomorrow night…

I will be live streaming to my Twitch channel tonight and tomorrow night at 11 PM and at 2 AM (both times are based in the America/Edmonton time zone). Each live stream will last for about two hours and that will be the schedule for my live streaming going forward. More likely than not, I will be streaming Minecraft – sometimes from a server called Chipping Blocks (a survival server on hard mode) and sometimes from a streamable game I’ve created for the Peaceful Pack I play through as a series on my YouTube channel.

More mods added to the Peaceful Pack…

I’ve added two more mods to the Peaceful Pack: Refined Storage and Immersive Cables – first is another storage mod, but it also has item transport and crafting in it and the second is a cables mod to use with both Refined Storage and Immersive Engineering. It’s a nice way to tie those two mods together in my modpack.

I’m working nights now…

I’m working nights now so you can expect posts here on my blog to be posted in the afternoon after I get up from sleeping. The good news is that my job is full-time so I’ll be making a nice amount of money every month, and my paydays are now steady, even if my employer doesn’t do direct deposit but old-fashioned checks. I’m not going to complain either, as I’m very happy to be working once again. 😀

I’ve added Environmental Tech to the Peaceful Pack

I’ve added Environmental Tech to the Peaceful Pack. It’s a high-end tech mod that requires you to have at least acquired diamonds and gone to the Nether to start crafting the blocks in it. However, it has powerful mining and energy producing capabilities once you get into it. I would consider the Peaceful Pack with all the tech mods in it more of a tech modpack than a Vanilla+ one at this point.

I will be streaming on occasion to my Twitch channel, but only when the mood strikes me, and I will not be streaming Minecraft or the other game I am playing through at the moment on my YouTube channel. I am working on a new project today, but I may stream a game this afternoon if I get it done or get bored as it’s just data entry of categories that need to be completed before I can open Gate 90 as the web’s newest business directory.

Happy Labor Day

I would like to wish all my readers a happy Labor Day today. I hope you enjoy this holiday with your family and friends and that it is a safe one for you.

Please take some time today to remember all those who worked hard to earn the rights we all enjoy as workers today. They worked hard for you and me so that we wouldn’t have to put up with abuses at work and that our workplaces would be safer places to work at.

You can now watch my YouTube playlists…

You can now watch my YouTube playlists of my Let’s Play gaming series here on my blog. If you enjoy them, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. I release new videos 6 days a week according to the following schedule:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: Swagtown (Banished Let’s Play series)
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays: Peaceful Pack (modded Minecraft Let’s Play series)

If you know someone who would enjoy watching my videos, please share with them as it will help my channel to grow.