I’m dealing with bed bugs!

I’m dealing with a bedbug infestation! It is so annoying, but I did laundry today which got rid of any of the annoying pests that were on my blankets, pillow covers, and bedsheets. I’m gonna buy a new mattress and maybe a new bed next week and until then, I’m sleeping on the floor in my office (and going to pick up a sleeping mat tomorrow) so that I can sleep without being fed upon by those disgusting bugs!

I’ve Launched My Patreon Campaign

I’ve got some good news for those who want to support my gaming channel on YouTube and Twitch on a regular basis (and who would appreciate being rewarded for doing so)! I’ve officially launched my Patreon page, so now you can choose to support me every month and be rewarded for doing so! The reward tiers are as follows:

  1. Tip Jar ($1) – Your name will be placed on a sign in Hero’s Tower.
  2. Architect ($25 min.) Same as Tip Jar, but also get to name a business tower in Victory City.
  3. Engineer ($100 min.) Same as Tip Jar, but also get to name a road in Victory City.

Names must be SFW friendly and I reserve the right to refuse any names I feel are inappropriate.

I’m considering also setting up a Discord server for my community of followers, and if so, Patreon supporters will be acknowledged on it with special ranks. 😉

Please consider taking a look at my Patreon page and consider supporting me today in my effort to bring family-friendly gaming videos and live-streams to the world.

I’ve started my journey…

I’ve started my journey to becoming a member of the Catholic Church. I don’t know everything that’s in store for me, but I do know that this is the direction I feel led by the Spirit. When I attended my first Mass last Saturday, even though I was a little confused at the beginning, I felt a sense of peace sweep over me. When I attended my first Bible study there yesterday, I felt that sense of peace return. I look forward to what lies ahead on this journey for me.

I’ve turned my life around yet again…

Once again, I’m attempting to turn my life around and break the chains that sin has on my life. I know it won’t be easy (if this isn’t the latest attempt isn’t proof enough, what is?) but I know it is something I must do. I’m not doing this because it is the popular thing to do but because it is the right thing for me to do. Some may scoff at me and say I’m just doing it for some reason like money but to me, my spiritual life is the most important thing that I have. Money may be important but it pales in comparison to where my soul will live for eternity after this body’s death and what I do on earth will influence what that will be like.

I urge you to take a look at your life-like I have and ask yourself “Is this the direction I want my life to travel, and if not what must I do to change the direction I am heading?” I’ll happily talk with anyone who wants to and tell you about the One who wants to be your Lord and Saviour who I have chosen to give my life fully to. 😀

I usually don’t stream on Wednesdays…

I usually don’t stream on Wednesday nights because I enjoy watching the Adults Only Minecraft live stream on YouTube those evenings. It’s always fun to watch and learn something new on that channel and to learn about various data packs and other stuff that they choose to run on their server for that season’s live stream.

It’s annoying to stream without any viewers…

It’s annoying to stream without any viewers. Yeah, I’ve only been streaming for a few months, but it would be nice to have a regular audience to interact with as I’m playing the game I’m streaming that night. It’s more fun when I have people to chat with as I’m building or playing. Building a city for me is boring unless I have someone to chat with as I’m working.

I’ll be streaming this weekend…

I’ll be streaming tomorrow afternoon and Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow, I got to go Christmas gift shopping after I wake up before I begin my stream, but I should be live around 3 pm or so (watch my Twitter account for the announcement). I’m planning on streaming some more Surviving Mars tomorrow and Sunday as it’s a game I enjoy and have fun playing (and I’ve been told that’s the most important thing to remember). I’m glad I’m off until Christmas Eve as it means I can be rested up and ready for the holidays. I’m also not recording videos for my YouTube channel, but I’m two weeks ahead, so taking a week off due to the busyness of Christmas won’t hurt.

I won’t be live streaming until Friday

I won’t be live streaming until Friday because I working to get an extra week ahead of when I schedule videos to be released to the public on my YouTube channel. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be too busy for me to create any content, so rather than falling behind, I am planning on taking the week off from creating videos for YouTube. I will probably relax and work on other projects that I’ve been putting off due to a lack of time except for Christmas Eve and Day which are already booked solid with events with family and church.