I’m considering redoing my website here…

I am seriously looking at redoing my website here at The WhiteEagle’s Aerie from scratch. The current format is something that no longer works for me as I hardly post to my blog anymore (preferring to use live video talking and Patreon for distributing news) so it makes the site look abandoned to anyone new who visits it. A complete overhaul would let me decide what is good and what needs to be tossed.

I would also like to announce that I’ve added a VIP level to my Patreon page. If you choose to support me there at a rate of $62.50 per month, you’ll get the following rewards:

  • Your name on a sign in Hero’s Tower in Victory City
  • You get to name a business tower in Victory City
  • VIP status in my Discord server and on my Twitch channel

The last one of the three benefits is most beneficial, as VIP status on my Discord server grants access to the music player and the Streaming Live voice server which will allow you to chat with me when I am streaming on Twitch! 😉 If I can get at least $1800 per month from Patreon, I’ll be able to stream full time in the mornings and afternoons and be able to leave my job working nights at the Norsemen Inn. In theory, I’ll be able to stream on Tuesdays more often (probably in the mornings as I enjoy my Tuesday evening Bible study) and earlier on Saturdays as I would be able to attend Mass on Sunday mornings.

I’m launched my Patreon page

I’ve launched my Patreon page as well as my own Discord server for my Twitch fans. I really want to be able to stream more often for my fans on Twitch and have decided that this is the best route for me to follow at this time. I’d also like to reach the three concurrent viewers and fifty (50) followers needed for affiliate status with Twitch.

I’ve already built Loyalty Hall in my single-player world of Survival City, and in this morning’s live stream will be adding my current Twitch followers to the Twitch hall there. I’d like to take this time once again to thank them for following me on Twitch and showing their support of my channel. The fact that I’m already a fifth of the way to the followers needed for affiliate status is huge IMHO!

I hope that if you enjoy watching me on Twitch that you will consider to support me on Patreon and/or Twitch by following me there as well. 😉

I’m going to wait to launch my Patreon page…

I’m going to wait to launch my Patreon page until I have at least fifty (50) followers on Twitch. This will make sure that I am dedicated to the live stream and won’t shut it down in the near future. If you would like to see it come about and don’t yet follow me on Twitch, please consider following me (and telling your friends about my Twitch channel) – you’ll be alerted when I go live if you do! 😉